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hari om 

On several occasions the post below suggests 19 witnesses turned hostile.  I
do not understand how that has
bearing on the case itself.  Is there any legal implication to this , or is
it an interesting aside that has no bearing?


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The following news item is seen in the Kanchiforum.

The so called approver in Sankarraman Murder case turned hostile too.He said
he had no special dealings with the Sankaracharyas at any time but for a
contract job for the mutt due to introduction by a friend when he was having
dull business.

He also said that he never said that he will become an approver and did so
only on threat at gunpoint by PremKumar and Sakthivel (police officers)just
outside the court room within the premises of the honorable court.They were
sitting in the jeep pointing a gun and threatening to wipe his family out if
he did not comply with their commands.He said that he did not even know Appu
and Kadiravan .His alleged flight and the ticket to Bombay was also never
bought by him.

Hope this will clear all the doubts of any one as to the motive of the case.

Sankararaman murder case: approver turns hostile Puducherry | Thursday, Jan
21 2010 IST

The sensational Sankararaman murder case today took an interesting turn with
the approver Ravi Subramanian turning hostile.

During the course of examination, Mr Ravi Subramanian said he had nothing to
do with the case and did not know any accused. He said the statement he had
given before the Kancheepuram Court was due to external pressure from the
police. Following these contradicting statements, Special Public Prosecutor
(SPP) N Devadoss declared him hostile.

It may be noted that already 40 prosecution witnesses in the case were
examined and cross-examined. Ninteen of them had turned hostile, before Ravi

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*Earlier News*

Sankararaman murder case: 7 prosecution witnesses turn hostile Puducherry,
Jan 20 : Seven more prosecution witnesses (PWs) turned hostile in the
sensational Sankararaman murder case, in which Kanchi Acharyas Jayendra
Saraswathi and Vijyendra Saraswathi are the prime accused, even as the
examination and cross-examination of the PWs continued in the Principal
District and Sessions Court here today.

With this, the total number of PWs turning hostile in the case rose to 19
when the examination and cross examination of 40 PWs were completed.

Already 12 PWs had turned hostile and today Datchinamurty, Manimaran,
Ezhumalai, Mani, Saravanan, Adikesavan and Reena contradicted their earlier
statement and were declared hostile by special public prosecutor N Devadoss.

Eleven of the 24 accused, including the Acharyas, failed to turn up before
the court and seperate petitions citing the reasons for their absence were
filed by their respective counsels.

On completion of the examination and cross-examination of the seven PWs, the
Principal District and Sessions Judge D Krishna Raja posted the case for
January 21 when the approvar Ravi Subramanian and two more PWs would be
examined and cross-examined.
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