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Sivaanandalahari - 79नित्यं योगिमन-स्सरोज-दल-संचार-क्षम-स्त्वत्-क्रम-
श्शंबो तेन कथं कठोर-यमराड्वक्ष:-कवाटक्षति: ।
अत्यन्तं मृदुलं त्वदंघ्रियुगलं हा मे मनश्‍चिन्तय-
त्येतल्लोचन-गोचरं कुरु विभो हस्तेन संवाहये ॥ ७९ ॥

nityaM yogimana-ssaroja-dala-saMchAra-kShama-stvat-krama-
SSaMbo tena kathaM kaThora-yamarADvakSha:-kavATakShati: |
atyantaM mRudulaM tvadaMghriyugalaM hA me manaS^chintaya-
tyetallochana-gocharaM kuru viBo hastena saMvAhaye || 79 ||

Oh Sambo your feet is worthy of always being in the lotus of the minds of
Yogis. How then is it that you kicked and damaged the iron door like hard
chest of Yamadharma raja? Alas your lotus feet are very tender and hence I
am worried. Oh All pervasive ! Make those lotus feet visible to me so that I
could give them comforting massage.


**he sambO *= Hey! ParamporuLE who brings mangaLam;
*thvathkrama* = you steps;
*nithyam* = all the time;
*yOgimana: sarOjadhaLasanchaarakshama:* = having blended with the minds that
are the lotus petals of those raajayOgis who do their anusandhaanam on the
mahaavaakyam 'aham brahmaasmi';
*katOrayamaraadvaksha: kavaadakshathi:* = breaking the chest of yama which
is like a hard door;
*katham *= how is it judicious? (Not at all);
*athyantham* = very much;
*mrudhulam* = softest;
*thvadhangriyugalam* = your feet;
*mE* = my;
*mana:* = mind;
*chinthayath(u)* = is thinking of;
*atha:* = therefore;
*haa* = aho!
*hE vibhO *= Hey! Sarvavyaapee!
*athath* = these softest feet of yours;
*lOchnagOcharam* = to be seen by my physical eyes;
*kuru* = please do;
*samvaahayE* = longing with aathmaprEma.

Hey! SambO! Your stepping of your lotus feet has always been on the minds
that are like lotus petals of those  raaja yOgis who are doing their
anusandhaanam of the mahaavaakyam 'aham brahmaasmi'.  You have been seen
with utmost happiness because of this hruthkamala vaasam.  When your softest
feet have thus far been associated with those lotus like minds of raaja
yOgis how is it justified that it is used to kick the door like
vakshasthalam of Yama that is hard like a rock?  When am I going to see
those softest feet of yours?  When am I going to bear them in my hands and
hug them in my heart?  When it comes to the care of your bhaktha
(MaarkandEya) you did not hesitate to used the softest foot of yours on a
hard chest of Yama.  I cannot even think how it could have hurt that foot of
yours.  I am always longing to see those holy feet of yours and keep
wondering when I would be able to do massage to that foot that you might
have got hurt in kicking yama.

This manObhaavam of aachaaryaaL should be known by his prayOgam of the
aksharam 'haa!'.

Hey! Sarvavyaapee!  Please please make those softest feet of yours appear to
my physical eyes.  I have been craving all my life to see them.  I have been
yearning to hug them tightly on my chest.  Please be kind to me and fulfill
my manOvaanchai.

Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara!  I am a sanyaasi!  You on the contrary is
possessed of all and a sea of kaaruNyam!   You also know my manObhaavam!
That is all I can tell you.  You should show your kataaksham and fulfill my

Whosoever recites this slOka and do a namaskaaram to ParamEswara is sure to
attain His paadhaabjam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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