[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 78

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Sivaanandalahari - 78 सदुपचर-विधिष्वनुबोधितां
सविनयां सुहृदं सदुपाश्रिताम् ।
मम समुद्धर बुद्धि-मिमां प्रभो
वरगुणेन नवोढ-वधूमिव ॥७८ ॥

savinayAM suhRudaM sadupASritAm |
mama samuddhara buddhi-mimAM praBo
varaguNena navoDha-vadhUmiva ||78 ||

Oh Prabhu, let my mind which is well informed on service to the great,
humble, clean and interested in the virtues be raised by you above all
worries like a bridegroom with good qualities would look after his just
married wife.


**he prabhO* = Hey! PrabhO!
*sadhupachaaravidhishu *= in doing pooja to your sath paadhapadhmam;
*anubhOdhithaam* = having given the siksha (instructed);
*suhrudham* = having pure heart (or mind);
*savinayaam *= having the modesty;
*sadhupaasritham* = having taken shelter in sath vishayaas;
*mama* = my;
*imaam* = this;
*buddhim* = buddhi;
*varaguNEna* = by the superior guNOpadhEsa;
*navODhavadhoomiva* = like the newly married girl;
*samuddhara* = do uddhaaraNa (lift up).

Hey! Parameswara!  Your charaNaavindam is indestructible in all three
times.  My buddhi was taught to do pooja to it all the time.  It shelters
the mind that has the advaithagnyaana.  My buddhi has taken refuge in sath
vishayaas.  Just as the husband who just married instructs his new wife with
his quality education and lifts her up, O! ParamEswara! you too will
instruct my buddhi with the superior guNOpadhEsa on the saathvik
Mahaavaakyaas.  Hey! Prabho!  "Easaana: sarvavidhyaanaam" says the sruthi
and therefore you alone are the owner of all the vidhyaas.  Therefore as per
the promise, "naasayaamyaathmabhaavasthO gnaanadheepEna bhaasvathaa" You
should, by the brahmOpadhEsam, do your uddhaaraNa of my buddhi and bring
sapalam to my janma.

Anyone who recites this slOka and do namaskaaram to ParamEswara is sure to
attain dhivya gnaanam, and there is no doubt about it.

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