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Sivaanandalahari - 70अरहसि रहसि स्वतन्त्र-बुद्ध्या
वरिवसितुं सुलभ: प्रसन्‍नमूर्ति: ।
अगणित-फलदायक: प्रभुर्मे
जगदधिको हृदि राजशेखरोस्ति ॥ ७० ॥

arahasi rahasi svatantra-buddhyA
varivasituM sulaBa: prasan^namUrti: |
agaNita-phaladAyaka: praBurme
jagadadhiko hRudi rAjaSekharosti || 70 ||

With independant brain it is easy to worship Lord Paramashiva in public
and in privacy. Resides in my heart God Rajasekhara who wears the
moon as crown,who is beyond the impermanent world and who is
willing to shower countless blessings.


*prabhu:* = one who has both the sakthis that are pravarthanam and
*prasannamoorthi:* = one who is a prasanna vigrahan;
*agaNithaphaladhaayaka:* = one who dispenses countless karma phalas;
*jagadhadhika:* = the viraat swaroopi who is superior to the 14 lOkas;
*raajasEkhara:* = one who wears chandra on his head as an ornament;
*mE* = my;
*hrudhi* = in the heart;
*asthi *= he resides;
*atha:* = therefore;
*arahasi* = outside (bahirpradEsam);
*rahasi = in the anthakaraNa;
swathanthrabuddhayaa* = in one's inherent buddhi, by his free will;
*varivasithum* = living nearby;
*sulabha:* = one who is easy to get;

உள்ளத்தொடுங்கும் புறத்துளும் நானெனுங்
கள்ளத்தலைவன் கமழ்சடை நந்தியும்
வள்ளற் பெருமை வழக்கஞ்செய் வார்கள்தம்
அள்ளற் கடலை அறுத்துநின் றானே.

Hey! ParamEswara! You create sarva jagath the moment you desired.  And you
destroy them too the moment you desired (icchaa maathram).  Thus you have
two sakthis in your control for creation and destruction.

By the saasthra,

gnyaanaagni: sarvakarmaaNi bhasmasaath kuruthErjuna

you are wearing the pure basmam on your body with a view to doing the
upadesam to sakala praaNis that by the gnyaanaagni alone sakala dwaitha
prapanjams get destroyed.  At the same time you remain vaseekara prasannan.
And you deliver endless abheeshtams to the praaNis also. And you
continuously are engaged in the work of srishti, sthithi and layam.

The saasthra says:

sivO dhaatha sivO bhOktha siva: sarvamidham jagath |
siva: sarvaaNi bhoothaani sidhanyath na kinchana ||

ParamEswara is the dhaatha.  ParamEswara is the bhOktha.  ParamEswara is the
sarva jagath swaroopan.  Therefore, sakala praaNis must be considered as
sivasyaroopam.   There is nothing other than this sathchithaanandha roopi
who is the adhishtaanam of all and thus all are kalpitham of paramasiva

If ParamEswara with the above mahimas were to say: " Hey! Devas! Hey!
Asuras! Hey! Janaas! Do not be afraid thinking that you have done
mahaapaapam.  Surrender at my feet and worship them.  I will do dwamsam of
your paapam with my two feet.", we do not know if the praaNis would believe
or not but it is true when Chandra of such despicable paapam as
guruthalpagamanam was worn as an ornament by Paramasiva at the very moment
mahaapaapi chandra surrendered to him after destroying his sins.  This
greatest karunaamoorthy, this raajasekharan, this Chandrasekharan lives in
my hrudhaya pundareekam.  (My many crores of saashtaanga namaskaaram to our
karuNaamoorthy ParamaachaaryaaL ChandrasEkharEndra Saraswathi).

This way inside and outside of my mind ParamEswara is easiliy reachable for
me to do my worship of him with my own free will (swathanthra buddhi).  If a
PraaNi could even submit a bhilvadhaLam at his feet with ananya bhakthi
ParamEswara would consider it as having worshipped him with all the
manthras.  Such would be his satisfaction that he readily gives sivaayujya
padhavi.  This is why AachaaryaaL used the word "sulabha:"

Wheover recites this slOka and place a flower or a leaf at the feet of
ParamEswara and do a namaskaaram is certain to be relieved of all his paapas
and at the end attain MukthiSri.

SambhO Sankara UmaapathE! Girijaa Sankara PasupathE!

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