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Sivaanandalahari - 69जडता पशुता कलंकिता
कुटिल-चरत्वं च नास्ति मयि देव ।
अस्ति यदि राजमौले
भवदाभरणस्य नास्मि किं पात्रम् ॥ ६९ ॥

jaDatA paSutA kalaMkitA
kuTila-charatvaM cha nAsti mayi deva |
asti yadi rAjamaule
BavadABaraNasya nAsmi kiM pAtram || 69 ||

Idiocity, the characteristic of animals, blemishes and croked behaviour are
not present in me. Oh Shiva, who wears moon as an ornament, had I had the
above mentioned deficiencies like the moon would I not have also qualified
to be your ornament?


*hE dhEva* = Hey! Swaprakaasa swaroopanE!
*jatathaa* = having the quality of jatam;
*kalangithaa* = a blot called 'guruthalpagamanam' (stealing the teacher's
wife and having intercourse with her);
*kutilacharathvam cha* = possessing the nature of awkward motion;
*mayi naasthi* = not with me;
*hE raajamoulE* = Hey! Chandrakalaadharaa!
*asthi yadhi* = if I have the above mentioned faults;
*bhavadhaabharaNasya* = to become your ornament;
*naasthi kim* = won't I be?

"Hey! Chandrakalaadharaa! Because of his jadathwam (foolishness), pasuthwam
(bruteness) and guruthalpagamanam (being completely inconsiderate to the
Guru - see note below) Chandra has kalangathwam (fault-riddenness) and
kutilacharathwam (proneness to move hapazardly)(crooked behavior). You have
taken him on your head because of these faults of him. I on the other hand
have no faults to speak of. Is it because of my faultlessness that I am not
taken by you as an ornament? Could you not take this faultlessness itself as
a fault and take me as an ornament?"

Note: Dhaksha Prajapathi has sixty daughters. Out of them twentyseven were
stars and Prajapathi married them off to Chandra and asked him to treat them
all equally. However, Chandra was more fond of RohiNi and this enraged his
other wives who complained to their father Dhaksha. Dhaksha in his anger
cursed Chandra that he would start losing his kalas one after the other.
Just about the time he was left with one Kala Chandra surrendered to Siva
who took him on his head as an ornament and because of that his lost kalas
started coming back. And in order that Dhaksha's curse is not in vain Siva
allowed that the losing and regaining of the kalaas in Chandra to take place

Also chandra had a misdemeanor with his Guru. He had an affair with the
Guru's wife when the Guru was away and had a child from her.

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