[Advaita-l] ṛg ved hymn

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Tue Jan 5 20:30:56 CST 2010

hariḥ oṁ 


May I ask for some help?  I  am studying/reviewing this ṛg ved stotra (2.23.1)
by ṛṣi gṛtsamada saunahotra :

gaṇānāṃ tvā gaṇapatiṃ havāmahe kaviṃ kavīnāmupamaśravastamam | 
jyeṣṭharājaṃ brahmaṇāṃ brahmaṇas pata ā naḥ ṣṛṇvannūtibhiḥ sīda sādanam || 

My study of etymology (or nirikta) is simple - to take apart each word  for its appreciation and comprehension.
The wisdom is found deeper within the words I find again and again.

One word I am having difficulty with is ṣṛṇvannūtibhiḥ.  I can see various components
of the word  i.e. :

ūti is help , protection , promoting , refreshing favour 
vat technically termed vati - added to words to imply likeness or resemblance , and generally translatable to 'as' , 'like'
van to gain , acquire , procure , to be come master

Yet, overall, I cannot discern the total word or its compounds  ( tat-puruṣa ) or definition.

That said, I  have also seen this word spelled two ways:

1. ṣṛṇvannūtibhiḥ  - as mentioned in the hymn offered

2. śṛṅvattūtibhiḥ 

Any insights to the word, its compounds, roots (dhātu) , etc. are greatly appreciated.



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