[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules

Varadaraja Sharma rishyasrunga at rediffmail.com
Tue Aug 17 09:11:22 CDT 2010

Radhe Krishna


Shriman Vidyasankar, Radhe Krishna


DhanyavadaH.  To be
frank, I was ignorant of the tradition and views upheld by the torch bearers of
the tradition.  I had my understanding on
the basis of what I read ( I do not remember the sources) and what I heard from
knowledgeable and respectable people on the issue which was restrictive of
sanyasa to brahmanas.  When I read the
interview I referred, it was very much indicative that my opinion was wrong but
further deliberations by you on the issue cleared many of my doubts.

I have some other doubts on the issue which I would address
in my next mail

DhanyavadaH once again.


Radhe Krishna


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