[Advaita-l] The Miracle of life

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Dear Sri Sadandji
Very well said.Life is a mystery.Nobody knows why it is so.We are unable to 
fathom the origin of life though we do see births of so many creatures in a 
whiff.I also used to wonder like what you have felt.The worms of butterflies 
are so ugly.But they are so innocent to look at!But the wonderful part is 
they have got a toxin on their hairy body which they discharge on any 
surface which causes itching !They donot know that they are having this but 
God has provided aprotection to them so that they are left alone to become 
butterflies/flying insects to complete the food chain.How 
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Vishyji - PraNAms

Yes you are right - if we stand apart as witnessing the beauty of life
that unfolds right in front of us without getting involved without
judging without condemning or encouraging - we can see it witness the
beauty of His glory continuously unfolding. - Arjuna, See My glory -
says Krishna - It becomes the vibhuuti of the Lord. With Vedantic
understanding we understand that consciousness that enlivens the whole
creation is nothing but same sat chit ananda the witnessing
consciousness that I am. With that understanding the scriptures are
fulfilled. The witness and the witnessed merge into one. Aham annam,
aham annam, aham annam, aham annaadou, aham annaadou, aham annaadou -
is the song of the sage in ecstasy. I am both the enjoyer and enjoyed
too, witness and witnessed too.

Yes it is a wonder indeed - Echoes Shree Krishna too.

Hari Om!

On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 1:28 AM, Vishy <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Poojya Sadaji
> Pranams. I too wonder like this many time as what the life is all about?
> Am I not someone who is watching the breathing rather breathing? But, if 
> so,
> would the same 'I' witnessed the movement when this breathing started or 
> would
> it witness the movement when it stops??
> Like this many many questions araise, when I distance myself from this BMI
> called vishy!!
> not only just breathing.... everything seeing, hearing, eating, digesting,
> walking ...why even sleeping and dreaming too... all are the activities 
> are the
> BMI to sustain itself...isnt it??? that BMI exists in me and and I am the
> witness of all these...right?? But the question is am I the witness of 
> this BMI
> alone or everything thats happening in the existance???
> Dear Aacharyaji, Please dont stop just with raising these questions, but
> complete the process with the answers too
> pranams again
> Vishy
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] The Miracle of life
> I know not what life is. Yet I am so amazed looking at the expression
> of life in the varieties that I see – as it beautifully unfolds right
> in front of my eyes to see, as soon as I get up from my sleep. Every
> day I wonder. The scientist in me is baffled –and does not stop
> wondering – trying to find – keep asking again and again - what
> exactly it means when I say I am alive. It is said that wonder is
> when the intellect is blanked out without an answer - looking for it
> in the empty space of the mind, resting itself with no direction to
> go. Everyday my mind seems to go blank – in the wonder of life.
> I am breathing. I know that means, I am alive. I move my hands and
> legs – yes they are moving – lately with some difficulty, as the aging
> is taking its toll. I can watch and be aware of all that process. I
> always come to know that I have knees too, when I tried to get up
> after sitting for an hour. Am I really doing all that? – I wonder –or
> is it being done. I am intensely conscious of the mechanics –
> breathing is going on. No, I am not really breathing – I can see
> breathing is going on. I can watch – it is really a wonder – how the
> mechanics is going on. Oh! Mechanics is not breathing; it does not
> explain who is breathing. I do not seem to be doing any thing anymore
> by myself- neither breathing nor seeing things or the world when my
> eyes are open. Wait a minute. I am seeing things. I open my eyes, yes
> that I remember; but seeing? Am I doing the seeing? Oh! I do not know
> any more. Yes, of course, I know the mechanics of seeing? But who is
> seeing? I am? No, I just opened my eyes, that is all; but seeing, I
> have not done anything to see.
> I wonder again –back to my breathing. Am I really breathing? Yes, of
> course, I am, since I am alive. Wait a minute. Am I alive therefore I
> am breathing; or I am breathing therefore I am alive. I do not know
> anymore. A friend of mine stopped breathing; they said he is no more
> alive. Did he really stop breathing – but why? Can I stop breathing?
> No, not really, since I am not doing it for me to stop now - Yes
> breathing is going on. I may be better off using passive voice, as in
> scientific papers, in stead of claiming any responsibility for
> breathing or polluting the environment around or for any doing even.
> Yet, I cannot go and tell any body – Sir, I do not know who is
> breathing but breathing seems to be going on. Can you tell me who is
> breathing? – He will think I am a nut case.
> Let me just sit back and wonder at the beauty of life, why bother
> others with my silly questions. Lately these silly questions keep my
> mind preoccupied all the time – and getting blanked-out with no
> answers. I just wonder at the miracle of life. Just stand apart and
> admire that wonderful life since I do not think I do anything anyway.
> Wait a minute am I not writing this – I wonder again with questions –
> since I seem to have some control on my fingers typing –But I am not
> really doing it, am I? If I am not really doing, it is very good
> excuse for all the mistakes I commit when I am writing. Something is
> illogical here – if I am not writing why do I need even the excuse.
> Yet, I wonder my fingers are moving because I am alive – or I am alive
> because my fingers are moving. What makes that fingers move- I wonder
> again?
> It is getting time to go to office, in stead of wasting my time in
> these unanswerable questions – my mind complains. I went downstairs to
> get a cup of coffee. To my wonder, I saw a row of ants crawling on the
> floor. I slowly followed them to see where they are going. These ants
> really impress me a lot; recently I am seeing lot of them, because it
> may be too hot outside. It is always fascinating for me to watch. I
> wonder what the ants think of me – may be they will be wondering why I
> am bothering them first thing in the morning. I followed them, anyway.
> They are going as if someone has given them some marching orders to go
> in a row, following one another. Then I saw some other ants going in
> the opposite direction. They seem to have a mission in life. And they
> seem to know that too. Then I saw- A fraction of a second an incoming
> ant meets the outgoing ant – they seem to communicate something. They
> seem to exchange some information, I wish I could hear them; but I
> cannot. They must of communicated where to go and what to find, etc.
> I followed the line. After some tortuous path I found they are heading
> to a piece of sweet that I dropped yesterday night near the sink. How
> did they know that there is a piece of sweet there – they seem to come
> from far away country, in terms of their scale? I wonder. I was going
> to use the sink – But I stopped. I do not want to ruin their dinner –
> I had my share and why not they have their share. This has become my
> daily dilemma. Still, how did they know that there is a piece of
> sweet there? I wonder. I know not what life is, but I am amazed at the
> expression of that life.
> As I am having my cup of coffee, I look out side the window. I saw big
> trees and then there are those rose plants in front of my house. I am
> again baffled. Those trees are alive and I see the greenery, birds
> flying from one branch to the other. I see small flies going around
> from flower to flower. My God – look at that beautiful butterfly
> landing on the flower. What a design? Who designed it? I wonder.
> Those roses their colors and their smooth texture - beautiful. I do
> not want to hurt the flowers but I feel like touching them to admire
> how smooth their texture is. I just watered the plants yesterday,
> wondering how they are going to survive in this heat, about which
> everybody is complaining now a days. People were complaining about the
> cold few months back. Now they are complaining about the heat. Are the
> roses complaining about the heat? They must be complaining too but I
> cannot hear their complaints. May be they don’t – they have learned to
> bear whatever that comes without complaining? I wonder why people
> complain so much all the time. Who am I to complain about that anyway?
> I should at least stop complaining -rose plants seems to teach me that
> too. I see a lady going to work. Yes she is beautiful. But she is
> walking – she is alive. My God, what a wonder. A bunch of matter
> packaged proportionately yet that is moving. I am reminded of
> VevekachUDAmaNi sloka – tvak maamsa rudhirah… Oh! That is too gross
> even though it says it is gross mater. There is a beauty pulsating in
> her and expressing in that form – she must be breathing. I wonder what
> is she thinking? Again another sloka is coming to my mind that end –
> bhaaryaa bhibhyati tasmin kaaye, even the loving wife will get rid of
> that body as soon as possible when the breathing stops.
> I am glad I am breathing, of course, my wife is sleeping upstairs.
> Some times I wonder what happens when I stop breathing. I am again
> reminded of the just quoted sloka. Wait a minute, How can I stop
> breathing, when I am not doing it to begin with. My mind starts
> complaining again- it is getting late to go to office. Why does it
> complain – why it does want to learn from the roses. I still wonder -
> what happens when I am no more alive and I see that everybody minding
> their own business as usual after shedding few tears here and there
> for some time. What happens to my bank balance and all those stocks,
> and the loan I made or the money I gave? Who cares when I am not
> alive? Am I alive now? I think so since breathing is going on. What is
> life anyway? I wonder.
> PS. Please excuse my ramblings, but I cannot but stop wondering.
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