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Vishyji - PraNAms

Yes you are right - if we stand apart as witnessing the beauty of life
that unfolds right in front of us without getting involved without
judging without condemning or encouraging - we can see it witness the
beauty of His glory continuously unfolding. - Arjuna, See My glory -
says Krishna - It becomes the vibhuuti of the Lord. With Vedantic
understanding we understand that consciousness that enlivens the whole
creation is nothing but same sat chit ananda the witnessing
consciousness that I am. With that understanding the scriptures are
fulfilled. The witness and the witnessed merge into one. Aham annam,
aham annam, aham annam, aham annaadou, aham annaadou, aham annaadou -
is the song of the sage in ecstasy. I am both the enjoyer and enjoyed
too, witness and witnessed too.

Yes it is a wonder indeed - Echoes Shree Krishna too.

Hari Om!

On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 1:28 AM, Vishy <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Poojya Sadaji
> Pranams.  I too wonder like this many time as what the life is all about?
> Am I not someone who is watching the breathing rather breathing? But, if so,
> would the same 'I' witnessed the movement when this breathing started or would
> it witness the movement when it stops??
> Like this many many questions araise, when I distance myself from this BMI
> called vishy!!
> not only just breathing.... everything  seeing, hearing, eating, digesting,
> walking ...why even sleeping and dreaming too...  all are the activities are the
> BMI to sustain itself...isnt it??? that BMI exists in me and and I am the
> witness of all these...right??  But the question is am I the witness of this BMI
> alone or everything thats happening in the existance???
> Dear Aacharyaji, Please dont stop just with raising these questions,  but
> complete the process with the answers too
> pranams again
> Vishy
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> I know not what life is.  Yet I am so amazed looking at the expression
> of life in the varieties that I see – as it beautifully unfolds right
> in front of my eyes to see, as soon as I get up from my sleep. Every
> day I wonder. The scientist in me is baffled –and does not stop
> wondering – trying to find – keep asking again and again - what
> exactly it means when I say I am alive.  It is said that wonder is
> when the intellect is blanked out without an answer - looking for it
> in the empty space of the mind, resting itself with no direction to
> go. Everyday my mind seems to go blank – in the wonder of life.
> I am breathing. I know that means, I am alive. I move my hands and
> legs – yes they are moving – lately with some difficulty, as the aging
> is taking its toll. I can watch and be aware of all that process. I
> always come to know that I have knees too, when I tried to get up
> after sitting for an hour. Am I really doing all that? – I wonder –or
> is it being done. I am intensely conscious of the mechanics –
> breathing is going on. No, I am not really breathing – I can see
> breathing is going on. I can watch – it is really a wonder – how the
> mechanics is going on. Oh! Mechanics is not breathing; it does not
> explain who is breathing.  I do not seem to be doing any thing anymore
> by myself- neither breathing nor seeing things or the world when my
> eyes are open. Wait a minute. I am seeing things. I open my eyes, yes
> that I remember; but seeing? Am I doing the seeing? Oh! I do not know
> any more. Yes, of course, I know the mechanics of seeing? But who is
> seeing? I am? No, I just opened my eyes, that is all; but seeing, I
> have not done anything to see.
> I wonder again –back to my breathing. Am I really breathing?  Yes, of
> course, I am, since I am alive. Wait a minute. Am I alive therefore I
> am breathing; or I am breathing therefore I am alive. I do not know
> anymore. A friend of mine stopped breathing; they said he is no more
> alive. Did he really stop breathing – but why? Can I stop breathing?
> No, not really, since I am not doing it for me to stop now - Yes
> breathing is going on. I may be better off using passive voice, as in
> scientific papers, in stead of claiming any responsibility for
> breathing or polluting the environment around or for any doing even.
> Yet, I cannot go and tell any body – Sir, I do not know who is
> breathing but breathing seems to be going on. Can you tell me who is
> breathing? – He will think I am a nut case.
> Let me just sit back and wonder at the beauty of life, why bother
> others with my silly questions.  Lately these silly questions keep my
> mind preoccupied all the time – and getting blanked-out with no
> answers. I just wonder at the miracle of life. Just stand apart and
> admire that wonderful life since I do not think I do anything anyway.
> Wait a minute am I not writing this – I wonder again with questions –
> since I seem to have some control on my fingers typing –But I am not
> really doing it, am I?  If I am not really doing, it is very good
> excuse for all the mistakes I commit when I am writing.  Something is
> illogical here – if I am not writing why do I need even the excuse.
> Yet, I wonder my fingers are moving because I am alive – or I am alive
> because my fingers are moving. What makes that fingers move- I wonder
> again?
> It is getting time to go to office, in stead of wasting my time in
> these unanswerable questions – my mind complains. I went downstairs to
> get a cup of coffee. To my wonder, I saw a row of ants crawling on the
> floor. I slowly followed them to see where they are going. These ants
> really impress me a lot; recently I am seeing lot of them, because it
> may be too hot outside. It is always fascinating for me to watch. I
> wonder what the ants think of me – may be they will be wondering why I
> am bothering them first thing in the morning. I followed them, anyway.
> They are going as if someone has given them some marching orders to go
> in a row, following one another. Then I saw some other ants going in
> the opposite direction. They seem to have a mission in life. And they
> seem to know that too. Then I saw- A fraction of a second an incoming
> ant meets the outgoing ant – they seem to communicate something. They
> seem to exchange some information, I wish I could hear them; but I
> cannot. They must of communicated where to go and what to find, etc.
> I followed the line. After some tortuous path I found they are heading
> to a piece of sweet that I dropped yesterday night near the sink. How
> did they know that there is a piece of sweet there – they seem to come
> from far away country, in terms of their scale? I wonder. I was going
> to use the sink – But I stopped. I do not want to ruin their dinner –
> I had my share and why not they have their share. This has become my
> daily dilemma.  Still, how did they know that there is a piece of
> sweet there? I wonder. I know not what life is, but I am amazed at the
> expression of that life.
> As I am having my cup of coffee, I look out side the window. I saw big
> trees and then there are those rose plants in front of my house. I am
> again baffled. Those trees are alive and I see the greenery, birds
> flying from one branch to the other. I see small flies going around
> from flower to flower. My God – look at that beautiful butterfly
> landing on the flower. What a design?  Who designed it? I wonder.
> Those roses their colors and their smooth texture - beautiful. I do
> not want to hurt the flowers but I feel like touching them to admire
> how smooth their texture is. I just watered the plants yesterday,
> wondering how they are going to survive in this heat, about which
> everybody is complaining now a days. People were complaining about the
> cold few months back. Now they are complaining about the heat. Are the
> roses complaining about the heat? They must be complaining too but I
> cannot hear their complaints. May be they don’t – they have learned to
> bear whatever that comes without complaining? I wonder why people
> complain so much all the time. Who am I to complain about that anyway?
> I should at least stop complaining -rose plants seems to teach me that
> too. I see a lady going to work. Yes she is beautiful. But she is
> walking – she is alive. My God, what a wonder. A bunch of matter
> packaged proportionately yet that is moving. I am reminded of
> VevekachUDAmaNi sloka – tvak maamsa rudhirah… Oh! That is too gross
> even though it says it is gross mater. There is a beauty pulsating in
> her and expressing in that form – she must be breathing. I wonder what
> is she thinking?  Again another sloka is coming to my mind that end –
> bhaaryaa bhibhyati tasmin kaaye, even the loving wife will get rid of
> that body as soon as possible when the breathing stops.
> I am glad I am breathing, of course, my wife is sleeping upstairs.
> Some times I wonder what happens when I stop breathing.  I am again
> reminded of the just quoted sloka. Wait a minute, How can I stop
> breathing, when I am not doing it to begin with.  My mind starts
> complaining again- it is getting late to go to office. Why does it
> complain – why it does want to learn from the roses. I still wonder -
> what happens when I am no more alive and I see that everybody minding
> their own business as usual after shedding few tears here and there
> for some time. What happens to my bank balance and all those stocks,
> and the loan I made or the money I gave? Who cares when I am not
> alive? Am I alive now? I think so since breathing is going on. What is
> life anyway? I wonder.
> PS. Please excuse my ramblings, but I cannot but stop wondering.
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