[Advaita-l] A vichara on svatantra and paratantra (Independent and dependent realities)

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Dear Sastriji,
World when viewed with ignorance lets one see it as consisting of myriad of separate entities separate from each other and each changing each momemnt. However the Jnani sees the inner unity of everything and that is Brahman. Did not Lord Krishna tell us that He created this world from a part of His. The Jnani sees the Brahmam everywhere.  The Jnani sees the reality through the veil of Maya whereas the Ajnani cannot see the reality ie. the unity. Hope you agree.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunil-ji,

You are perfectly right in saying that the jnAni sees brahman everywhere. In
fact he sees brahman as the only reality. I have not said anything to the

What I had written was--

As long as I see the world as real, brahman is as good as non-existent for
me. Once I actually realize brahman as a reality (if that happens by God’s
grace), I will find, according to the upanishads, that the world does not
exist at all, it never existed in the past, and will not exist in the

It may be seen from the above that what I had said was that I, as an
unenlightened person, see only the world as real and do not see brahman at
all. In my next sentence, quoted above, I have said that when I become a
realized person I will find that the world does not exist at all. From this
it follows that when I become a jnAni I will see only brahman as  the

I hope this is clear. I have not at all said that the jnAni does not see
brahman everywhere. Actually, he remains established in the knowledge that
he is brahman. We are also brahman even now, but we are looking upon
ourselves as the body-mind complex.


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