[Advaita-l] A study of a chapter of the book `BhAmatI-samAlochanam'.

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> Without going into any merit, if one were to dismiss a lofty thinking of
> this calibre as Mulavida nirasa so easily by the quible of a few
> words...this is a classic example.


The 'loftiness' of that thinking has been severely questioned by many a
scholar both in the tradition and outside.  Several rebuttals of that book
have been written and discussed in various fora.  Those who have written
refutations of this work of SSS are no mean scholars; they have had a
thorough training in the Vedanta Shastra from the most authentic sources.
They have subjected this controversial work to very close examination and
concluded on its untenability and its total lack of any merit.  Therefore,
it is by no means a dismissal that is 'so easily by the quibble of a few
words.'  One whole book has been written, no quibbling here, by Sri Krishna
Jois on the refutaition.

 You also say:
// This book of krishna Jois has in turn been effectively answered by Sri
Vittala Shastri in his - Mulavidya Bhashya Vartika Virudha. //

I would like to question how 'effective' is that 'answer'.  How did you
conclude so?  By the fact of no counter-refutation of Sri Vittala Shastri's
book coming forth from any of the scholars of the 'other' paksha?  That
would not be a fool-proof method to judge.  Anyone who is exposed to the
Vedanta Shastra fairly well under a really traditional teaching can write a
refutation of Sri Vittala Shastri's book. Titles matter very little in the
present times; it is what one delivers that counts.  Any institution can
confer titles on someone who is favourably alligned to it.  But the question
is: Where will such an exchange end?  And what will be the final 'nirNaya'?
That could well be just one of the reasons why any formal rebuttal of that
book has not been written.  Another reason could be that it may not deserve
any rebuttal; the one by Sri Krishna Jois having said the final word on it.

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