[Advaita-l] A matter for Adjudication

savithri devaraj savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 15:46:56 CDT 2010

Here is one interested member's opinion -
This is not a matter for adjudication - where loukika pramANa and vaidika pramANa have not helped, how can consensus help? 
Vedanta is to be directly and individually intuited from sruti and teacher, not based on consensus. 
Everyone's understanding is based on their own conditioning and capability/eligibility, and it should be left to that. The list serves the purpose of disseminating information, but can't go further than that. I don't think anyone can convince the other about their point of view, no matter how many times its argued and with any number of quotes, especially when both parties are using the saming quotes to promote their theory. Even if a million are against one, still the one can have his/her own valid understanding.
It seems pointless to me to argue indefinitely whether a jnani has avidya-lesha. Then there really is no meaning for jnana. I don't see what the jnani has to do with the body or mind, isn't he/she beyond the triad of pramANa, prameya and pramAtru? For the ignorant onlooker he may seem to go on, but jnana removes avidya, hence jnani is beyond all avidya-kalpita samsara, why tie her down with avidya-lesha? 
How can knowledge remove beginingless avidya only partially? If so, veda would be only a partial pramANa, isn't it? Veda is a pramANa as it reveals our true nature, not because it creates new knowledge. 
just my opinion,

Based on the foregoing points and the facts available in the posts on the
topic and the Bhashya passages, the members are requested to decide on
whether there is any justification in Shri Bhaskar ji's vociferous protests.
One can easily show that the Bhashya passages he is quoting are out of place
and wrongly connected to the topic. That is another matter.

I request all the interested members and the Moderators to give a serious
thought to this, especially in view of the posts from Shri Bhaskar ji.  An
adjudication based on the facts that are clearly available to us at this
point of time will go a long way in preventing students of Advaita, both
members who are present here and those who might view these discussions in
the archives in the future,  from arriving at (1) wrong conclusions and / or
(2) resting with the feeling that 'this is a point of contention, not
decidable for eternity'.

If this post from me is considered uncivil in this forum in any respect, I
seek your pardon; the Moderators may prevent it from remaining in the

With warm regards,


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