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Dear Shri Karthik
Shankara has clarified the existence of a seed Avidya in deep sleep which alone is responsible for the continuity of the jiva's vyavahara across the three states. Among many instances that this has been dealt with by the Acharya in his bhashyas one clear-cut excerpt from His sutrabhashya is quite self-explanatory:

"But, an objection is raised, in the states of deep sleep and pralaya no contact of the Self with the buddhi can be acknowledged, since scripture declares that 'then he becomes united with the True, he is gone to his own' (Kh. Up. VI, 8, 1), and as then all modifications have avowedly passed away. How then can it be said that the contact with the buddhi exists as long as the Self?

--To this objection the following Sûtra replies.

On account of the appropriateness of the manifestation of that (connexion) which exists (potentially); like virile power.

-- As in ordinary life virile power and so on, existing potentially only in young children, and being then looked upon as non-existing, become manifest at the time of puberty--and do not originate at that time from previous non-existence, because in that case they might originate in eunuchs also--; 

-- so the connexion of the soul with the buddhi exists potentially merely during deep sleep and pralaya, and again becomes manifest at the time of waking and the time of creation.

--because nothing can be assumed to spring up unless from something else na hi aakasmiki kasyachid utpattih sambhavati atiprasangat; otherwise we should have to suppose that effects spring up without causes. 

-- That the rising from deep sleep is due to the existence of seed avidya - avidyatmakabeeja sadbhavakaaritam - scripture also declares, 'Having become merged in the True they know not that they are merged in the True. Whatever these creatures are here, whether a lion or a wolf,' (Ch. Up. VI, 9, 2; 3)."

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

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If you have the time, please let us know more about the "three states" analysis from the standpoint of bhAva-rUpa-avidyA.


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