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I find this discussion, set off by the mention of Halbfass, has deeper
implications for --let's call it, truth...

Non-Hindus who study Hinduism can do little else but study the 'jnana'
aspect of Hinduism without the bhakta (assuming that's possible anyway...)--
which some might say, is the 'sociological' aspect belonging to study of the

But they would be wise always to be aware of that fact, that they have
separated off heart from head in the stuff of life itself; for awareness of
that might open the mind to further observations and illuminations.

But the essence of science is observation. So then Halbfass 'observes' that
the Veda make no mention of rebirth or karma (assuming he's correct in
that), and that therefore those concepts are a 'later' development, he
should be aware that the 'bhakta' upasana to truth itself may always reveal
what truths may be veiled or concealed, outside of passing time -- and that
this in no way 'invalidates' rebirth or karma as concepts..as if they must
therefore be man-made concepts..

So the observations of scholarly 'scientists' have their place. But that is
no justification for erecting and constructing some phoney 'jnana' (in the
narrowest sense of jnana by the way) or hollow intellectual neo-belief
structure called 'Indology'.. Better to spend your time constructing a
computer game -- which Indology basically is anyway ! :)


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> Unfortunately, the institutions did not agree. Several departments of
Indology and history
> of religion replied over  phone by saying that they where not interested
in inviting any traditional
> scholar since he was not "scientific" in his approach, and did not
adhere to a conventional
> academical method of religious studies etc.

I do not know of this scholar, but it would not surprise me in the
least if he is indeed much more scientific (in the proper meaning of
scientific scholarship) than his critics.

praNAms Sri Shrisha Rao prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I donot know whether Sri Stig prabhuji has  inadvertently or intentionally
avoided this query from you!!!   Ved. Brahma Shree K.G. Subraya Sharma is
an advaita vedanta scholar from Bangalore, Karnataka.  He is one of the
direct disciples of H.H. Sri Satchidaanandendra Saraswati Swamiji of
Holenarsipur, Karnataka.  He has undergone his prasthAna traya bhAshya
shAnti directly from H.H. Sri Sri Satchidaanandendra Saraswati Swamiji for
about 19 years at adhyAtma prakAsha kAryAlaya, Holenarsipur.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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