[Advaita-l] Conversion story

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 04:50:16 CDT 2009

European proprietor of a nearby cenna factory and a friend of his
sought an interview with HH. HH pointed out to them that God
must have had a purpose in giving them birth in Christian families and
that it was their duty to seek spiritual progress along the
lines chalked out for them by the religion and not to waste time in
trying to find out relative value of the several faiths.
I appreciate this and thanks a lot for posting the exact paragraph. As we can see, HH asked them to seek spiritual progress in their religion but never said coming or converting into Hindufold will somehow hamper one's spiritual progress. 
>From the passage it looks like these 2 Europeans were sort of trying to evaluate the relative value of faiths and not really interested in praciticing Hindu rituals which seems to justify why AchArya asked them to practice their faith without bothering us. Like i suspected.
I am sorry if this following up troubled you, but I thought the initial post gave a wrong impression and seems to discourage(**) non-Indians by improper quoting of HH. Ofcourse our memories are imperfect and they can be blurred over time. I will say no more on this.
**given the present religio-politic scenario in the world...this may not be good
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