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yaaska explains the expression svaahaa, which implies the renunciation of ego, svatvahava:

su aahaa iti vaa, svaa vaag aaheti vaa, svam praaheti vaa, svahuta.m havirjuhoti iti vaa || nirukta 8.21 ||
Dr. Yadu

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Thanks for this post. To understand vyAhRti here are some more thoughts:
bhuva = bhu + (u + a) = (bhu + u) + a = bhU + a
sva = s + (u + a) = su + a
So looks like if we can understand 'bhU', 'a', and 'su' we will understand all the
three vyAhRti-s.
hari om,
• As he brooded over the Rig Veda, he realised that the great utterance,
"BHUHU" brought about the Rig Veda and so he extracted Bhu as its essence.
(Bhu is also indicative of its future effect the earth, Prithvi).
• Then as be brooded over Yajur Veda and realised that the great utterance
"Bhuvaha" brought about the Yajur Veda and extracted Bhuvaha as the essence
of Yajur Veda. (Bhuvaha is the praana. Bhuvarlokam is a place where the
praanas that have left the bodies get collected).
• As be brooded over the Sama Veda, Prajapathi realised that the great
utterance "Swaha" brought about the Sama Veda and and extracted "Swaha" as
the essence of Sama Veda. (Swaha is indicative of the Self which is
self-luminous. One needs no other light to know one’s own self).
Now Prajapathi was left with these three Vyahrthis (or great utterances) as
the essense of all that he has brooded over. Yet he was still nowhere near
knowing his father or how he created the universe.
Sri Gurubyo Namaha

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