[Advaita-l] Musings on the Fundamentals of Hinduism - 3

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*Brahmaivaapnothi Param. The knower of Brahman attains the Supreme. What is
this Brahman? Sathyam Gnanam Anantham Brahma. He is Existence that unlike
other existence does not rise and fall into space. As infinite He is beyond
space and therefore space cannot reach Him. And again unlike other existence
that rise and fall in time, He is beyond time and therefore time cannot
reach Him. Unlike the Ahankara, the ego that alternates between
consciousness and unconciousness, He is absolute Awareness and so the
ahankara the causality cannot reach Him. He is truly beyond this manifest
and unmanifest Prakrthi.

So we say: “Narayana parovyakthaath, andam avyaktha sambavam.” This absolute
that we call as Narayana is beyond the unmanifest and this universe came out
of the unmanifest.

You may ask, “It is alright to say that Brahman is great and knowing Him is
Supreme. But what is the use of attaining the Supreme?” Our scriptures say,
"Sosnuthe sarvaan kaamaan saha". To this Brahmana i.e. the knower of Brahman
all the desires are fulfilled.

We talked of the Trimurthis and they in turn caused more of them. Together
they are called Ashta Murthis also called Bruk Devas or Great Gods.

Now what are the eight manifestations? "Thasmaath Aathmana Aakaasas
samboothaha." From this Self, the space arose. "Aakaasa sareeram Brahma"
says another upanishad. Having created the space, he entered it and the
space became his body. "Akaasaath Vaayuhu" From the space came the air. A
Vedic passage says: “Praanaath vaayurajaayatha.” When a person lives he is
called a ‘praani’ for he is breathing. When he is dead we say, “praanan
poyiduthu”. This means that the body without the Praana disintegrates and
Prana has the capacity to live with or without body. We find in nature that
a person creates his own dwelling place. And Prana created its own abode by
generating Vayu is the idea given in the Veda. This is the second

"Vayoragnihi" From the air came fire. We find that when hydrogen is burnt
using oxygen we see fire and it results in water. Therefore Fire is the
third manifestation. And "Agnoraapaha". Water is the fourth manifestation.

"Adhbhyaf Prithvi.” From this water arose the earth. This is the fifth
manifestation. "Prithivyaa Oshadhayaha" From the earth came vegetation. This
is the sixth manifestation. "Oshadeebyonnam” From the vegetation came food.
This is the seventh manifestation. "Annaath Purushaha". From this food came
the person the individual jeeva. This is the eighth manifestation.

The universe is beginningless and was never created. It either remained
manifest or remained unmanifest. This takes place in a cycle. But the Lord
being beyond is the cause of this manifestation or unmanifestation. This
universe as a product of karma is inert. Karma Thajjadam says Bhagavan
Ramana. The universe being inert cannot therefore manifest by itself. It is
the Lord who manifests it. For what purpose? It is not for any benefit for
Himself but to help the jeeva transcend this universe by attaining Gnana or
wisdom of Self-Realisation.

By pleasing the eightfold manifestation that includes the pancha boothas,
the vegetation, food as Anna Lakshmi or Annapoorneswari and the Jeeva as
Adhithi or guest, one is sure to attain greatness in this world, so says our

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