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Sivaanandalahari - 27करस्थे हेमाद्रौ गिरिश निकिटस्थे धनपतौ
गृहस्थे स्वर्भूजामर-सुरभि-चिन्तामणिगणे ।
शिरस्थे शीतांशौ चरण-युगलस्थेऽखिलशुभे
कमर्थं दास्येऽहं भवतु भवदर्थं मम मन: ॥ २७ ॥

karasthe hemAdrau giriSa nikiTasthe dhanapatau
gRuhasthe svarBUjAmara-suraBi-chintAmaNigaNe |
Sirasthe SItAMSau charaNa-yugalasthe&KilaSuBe
kamarthaM dAsye&haM Bavatu BavadarthaM mama mana: || 27 ||

What can I give (You ) when You have the golden mountain in your hand, are
with Kubera, the lord of riches, with Kalpaka Vriksham, Kamadhenu and
Chintamani in your house, have on your head the cool crescent moon and all
good things at your feet ? Let my mind be offered to you.



Hey! Parameswara! How can I describe your Glories? As the sruthi would say,
‘yasmaathpara naaparamasthi kinchith’ it is not possible to determind your
Vaibhavam. The smrithi says: ‘na, thwathsamOsthi abyadhika: kuthOnya:’ You
are the ParamporuL par excellence! Hey! Gireesaa! When you set out to
destroy the thripura you held in your hand the golden mount Meru as a bow.
Also Kubera the lord of riches is near you at your disposal. In your house
you have the gift giving tree kalpaga vriksham, the desire fulfilling cow
Kaamadhenu and the wonderous jewel Chinthaamani that showers the object of
pleasures on the seekers. You are wearing the crescent moon of soft cool
rays, on your head. People therefore call you Chandrasekharan. (My many
pranaams to ParamaachaaryaaL, thinking of whom has brought saabalyam to my
janma). Adding to all these are your charaNaaravindham that brings sakala
mangalam. So you are called ‘AkhilasubE’.

Therefore, ‘paripoorNasya nithyasya marthyai: kim kriyathE narai:’. If I
give you a bilvadhaLam you give me Moksham in return! You are truly
‘Ashuthosh’! You are the greatest bestower!

You are avaaptha samasthakaaman and what can a nara like me give you?
‘Poojakaanaam mamObhaava: devEnagruhyatE sprutam’. Hey! PrabhO! You seem to
be very fond of bhakthaas’ manObhaavam. Therefore I submit to you my mind
that is pure yet craving to reach you. Please do accept it.

When AachaaryaaL says in this sloka ‘bhavathu baavadhartham mama mana:’ we
should realize it thathwaartham. In this sloka Jagat Guru emphasizes the
importance of Raja Yoga. The meaning of yoga is to do anusandhaanam of
‘Sivoham’ as parabraman that is non-different from one’s own aathma. In
doing the anusandhaanam of Raja Yoga mind is the most important one. The
mind has to have the layam of Brahmaivaaham by which jeevaathma that is seen
as different from Parabrahmam gets its layam.

‘Yogam jeevaathmanOvaikyam praahu: yogavichakshNaa:’ says the saasthra. In
this, on attaining Parameswara who is avaaptha samasthakaaman no object
would be useful except the pure mind that has the ‘Sivoham’ bhaavana.

எல்லா முனடிமையே எல்லா முனுடைமையே
எல்லா முனுடைய செயலே.

Sivoham, Sivoham

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