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Sivaanandalahari - 22करोमि त्वत्पूजां सपदि सुखदो मे भव विभो
विधित्वं विष्णुत्वं दिशसि खलु तस्या: फलमिति ।
पुनश्‍च त्वां द्रष्टुं दिवि भुवि वहन् पक्षिमृगता-
मदृष्ट्‌वा तत्खेदं कथमिह सहे शंकर विभो ॥ २३ ॥

karomi tvatpUjAM sapadi sukhado me Bava viBo
vidhitvaM viShNutvaM diSasi khalu tasyA: phalamiti |
punaS^cha tvAM draShTuM divi Buvi vahan pakShimRugatA-
madRuShT^^vA tatKedaM kathamiha sahe SaMkara viBo || 23 ||

Oh all pervading Lord I worship you. Please appear before me immediately and
give me the ultimate joy. Oh doer of all good and Oh omnipresent God!
Instead If you reward me for my worship with the position of Brahma or
Vishnu how will I tolerate the sorrow of not seeing you but searching for
you in the sky and earth taking the form of Hamsa Bird and the varaha


*Hey! Parameswara! I already told you that I am not responsible for the
greed for money or the be entanged with various sense objects but the
culprit is really my mind which stole my swaroopam and is walking around as
if it is myself and I begged you to take control of this thief so I can be
doing the smaranNa of your lotus feet ceaselessly and get my janma
saabalyam. But what reply do I get? You say I can have Brahma Padhavi or
Vishnu Padhavi. Is it your intention that my janma should not have its

If I had coveted Brahma Padhavi or Vishnu Padhavi why would I be begging
you? I might have as well begged Brahma or Vishnu for that. But I have
considered their padhavi as being next to nothing and coveted only your
lotus feet as my final abode. Hey! Parameswara! What is the big benefit in
getting Brahma Padhavi or Vishnu Padhavi? Have we not seen these two gods
fight against each other for supremacy and being unable to resove among
themselves, they came to you to settle their dispute. When you turned into a
great column of fire before them, they scrambled to apprehend your head and
foot and came out with a cropper. They meekly accepted their defeat and
admitted that you are the greatest! In Skanda Puraana, Maheswara kanda,
these two gods lamented:

Moolabhootha: Siva: saakshaath moolamasya katham bhavet,
asmaadhEva samuth bhoothOsmayaha maadhyamtha varjjithaath|
YanmayaanvEshtumaarabdham sivam pasuvapurdhrutha||

O! Parameswara! By a very look (eakshaNamaathram) you create, preserve and
destroy the entire universe thus proving unmistakeably that you are the
cause of all existence, but these two gods Brahma and Vishnu due to their
ahambhaavam, tried to find your source and in that they miserably failed.
Aho! Kashtam! They realized in their effort to find the source of Eternal
Shiva, they were mere pasu!

Hey! Parameswara! If Hari and Brahma have proved themselves as pasu why
should I covet their padhavi? After all there is no sukham in being a pasu.

Hey! KarunaanidhE! Aren't you Sankara? "Sankara nirdhosha nithyasukha
pradhaathaa". You are the giver of nithyasukham of sivaananda that is
faultless and that is without paricchEdham at anytime, anywhere and by any
means. So I do my pooja to you with this sloka.

Sivam Sivakaram Saantham Sivaathmaanam SivOththamam |
Sivamaarga praNEthaaram praNathOsmi Sadhaasivam ||

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