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Sivaanandalahari - 20सदा मोहाटव्यां चरति युवतीनां कुच-गिरौ
नट-त्याशा-शाखा-स्वटति झटिति स्वैरमभित: ।
कपालिन् भिक्षो मे हृदय-कपि-मत्यन्त-चपलं
दृढं भक्त्या बध्‍द्वा शिव भवदधीनं कुरु विभो ॥ २० ॥

sadA mohATavyAM charati yuvatInAM kucha-girau
naTa-tyASA-SAkhA-svaTati JaTiti svairamabhita: |
kapAlin bhikSho me hRudaya-kapi-matyanta-chapalaM
dRuDhaM bhaktyA badh^dvA Siva bhavadadhInaM kuru vibho || 20 ||

Oh Lord Shiva who is omnipresent, my mind always wanders in the forest of
delusion. It dances on the mountain of kucha of young women and wanders in
all four directions with evil desires. Oh Lord who begs with the skull in
hand, please take into your control the ever wandering monkey of my mind by
tying it up with the rope of love.



"mana Eva manushyaanaam karaNaam bandhamOkshayO:"

According to our saasthra the mind that wanders in vishyas such as women is
the root of one one's entanglement in the samsaara and the mind that has
anchored itself in Sivadhyaanam is the cause of his releasse from samsaara.
A man does not need another enemy when he has a mind set at liberty.
Therefore manOnigraham alone is his road to release. A person instead of
training himself in the manonigraham is impelled by chapala buddhi and
thinks only of sporting with women as the ultimate pursuit. This leads him
to aasaa paasams such as kaamam, krOdham, lObam, mOham, madham, maathsaryam,
sthree, puthran, dhanam etc that branch off endlessly. This is the way one
loses his vivEkam.

Hey! Parameswara! My mind dwells in the dense forest of agnaana. And it is
losing its vivekam. You have to turn my mind away from avivekam and make it
do smaranam of your lotus feet. So it is incumbent on you to tie my mind
which has become a vicious monkey, to your lotus feet with the rope called
Bhakthi. Hey! PrabhO! You pinched off the fifth head of Brahma and is using
his skull as the begging bowl. May be if you take my mind which is the
monkey with you, people amused at the sight and would give you alms

பரந்துலகேழும் படைத்தபிரானை
இரந்துணி யென்பர்க ளெற்றுக்கிரக்கு
நிரந்தரமாக நினையு மடியா
ரிரந்துண்டு தன்கழ லெட்டச் செய்மாறே

SivOham, SivOham.

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