[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 19

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Sivaanandalahari - 19
दुराशा-भूयिष्ठे दुरधिप-गृहद्वार-घटके
दुरन्ते संसारे दुरित-निलये दु:खजनके ।
मदायासं किं न व्यपनयसि कस्योपकृतये
वदेयं प्रीतिश्‍चेत् तव शिव कृतार्था: खलु वयम् ॥ १९ ॥

durASA-bhUyiShThe duradhipa-gRuhadvAra-ghaTake
durante saMsAre durita-nilaye du:khajanake |
madAyAsaM kiM na vyapanayasi kasyopakRutaye
vadeyaM prItiS^chet tava Siva kRutArthA: khalu vayam || 19 ||

Are you, Lord Shiva, not relieving me of the cycle of life which is full of
evil desires, leads us to the doors of the bad people, ends in evil, is
residence of sins and leads to only sorrow, because you want to ensure that
fate decided by Brahma is not made untrue? If that is your mercy on your
devotees then we are fulfilled.



Hey! Parameswara! I have been doing the forbidden karmas plentifully and I
have failed to do the good karmas that were decreed on me. Shamefully, I am
ever ready to do karmas out of greed.

I do not have the desire to invite and treat adhithis and saadhus in my
home. Driven by ego and vile thoughts, I beg for small mercies from dhushta
prabhus by singing their praise and proclaiming falsehood for truth. I do
these despicable acts to protect my family. Is there no end to this samsaara
dhukkam? Why are you being such an indifferent witness?

Hey! MahaaprabhO! Knowing that I am the abode of intolerable sins, knowing
that I drown myself day in and day out in the misery of samsaara, what is
the reason for your inaction from saving me? Are you saying that I am bound
to suffer my karmas destined by Brahma? Is it because Brahma has become you
devotee that you do not want to disappoint him? Am I not also your bhakthaa?
Are you not supposed to save me?

The root cause of my committing sins are due to my very being born in this
samsaara. Otherwise how else would I ever be committing sins? The only way
out is for you to save me from this samsaara. Brahma's ordainment that I
should suffer for my past sins should not be your excuse for not saving me.

Therefore O! Parameswara! Please do not disappoint me. Excuse all my sins.
Save me from the rut of the samsaara.

Kripaanidhi ivaraippOla kidaikkumO indha dharani thanilE,
Sabhaapathikku vEru deivam samaanamaahumaa?

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