[Advaita-l] Disccussion on Free-will

MSR abhayambika at gmail.com
Sun May 24 11:51:49 CDT 2009

kuntimaddi sadananda wrote:
> PraNAms to all
> Interestingly this topic keeps coming back again and again and appearing in the both the lists at this time.
> I am not going to discuss this issue - other than restate a statement I have made before: Free will is there until I am free from will. 
> Here is a beautiful sloka from Bhagavaan Ramana in Sat DarShaNam in the text we are taking in the coming Memorial Day weekend camp, related to this topic, and it may be of interest to some. He says, as always in his characteristic style of brevity: 
> vidheH prayatnasya ca ko2pivaadaH
> tayor dvayor muulamajaanataam syaat|
> vidheH prayatnasya ca muulavastu
> sanjaanataam naiva vidhirna yatnaH|| - sloka 21

Very nice. Thanks for sharing this. As you pointed out - this topic 
keeps coming back again and again :-)


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