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In this context one can never ignore the "Rule of Thumb" of chance !
"daiva.n chaivaatra pa~nchamam.h .. 18-14."

One needs to leave it 20% as daiva !!
Dr. Yadu

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>Ah, pity. I was awaiting with baited breath for a succinct answer to
>last question, just like Jaldhar gave to the previous ones! The article
>posted tacitly assumes that free will exists. No justification is given
>the same. 

The message that the revered Swami is giving us is timeless though.
There is will, which is not so free as people would like it to be, and
there is destiny, which is not so cumbersome as people take it to be!
You can use your relatively "free" will to change your destiny and you
can take advantage of where destiny has placed you, in order to operate
your will rightly. 



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