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>Puranas prohibit picking Brahma (was it Brahman?), >probably because it is going to be nirguna vs jiva which >doesn't make much sense.

I may be wrong about this. Aham Brahmasmi is undoubtedly the Jiva/Brahman model. 


Puranas prohibiting direct worship of Brahmaji may be a warning not to ignore Shivji and Vishnu bhagvan, for the moral implications involved. Most rakshasas worshipped Brahmaji directly. (Dvaitists' accusations about Adi Sankara be based on similar reasoning.)


To conclude discussion re: Pratika, it may be said that just as Knowledge is Brahman or Bliss is Brahman, pratIka (pre-eminence) is also Brahman. pratIka is ever present. We see worldly objects like ghata and pata only due to misapplication of pratIka. The antahkaraNa (inner doer) is pure Brahman. For the ordinary person, at the slightest exposure to the past karmas etc, pratIka shows those objects related those karmas in quick reaction instead of showing the true nature of antahkaraNa.




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