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Vijaya and Ambushivan - praNAms

I am not sure if the original post of vijayaji was from the list or not, to respond to her query.

Maaya comes into picture in explaining how one appears to many as Iswara shakti. Hence appearance of all plurality is due to maaya only. Maaya also involves delusory power that is taking the apparent plurality as real. 

Relations are possible only when there are  two. Mother-father relations come with birth when the subtle body enters into the womb after garbhaadaanam. The emotional relationship develops with the mother and then with the father as the child grows. Close physical contact with the mother is recommended as important for the sound emotional growth of the child. If the child is brought up by a different couple, it may develop the emotional relations ship with the adopted parents with no contact with birth parents.  

All these relationship are essentially rooted because of the strong attachment to the gross physical body or bodies.

When one moves into different fields as some of us did moving from one country to the other, lingering emotional attachments with the previous fields exists to some extent and slowly it will die down as new relationships are established in the new land. This may take longer for some and for other quickly depending on how emotional they are. Many contact relationships slowly diedown unless one keeps reinforcing it by frequent travel back to the old field.

We can extend the same with a caveat that after death only subtle body remains since gross body is left behind in the old environment. The lingering emotions at the subtle body level can remain until it gets deeply engraved in the new field with its own samsaara. One can see this temporarily in the dream world where one has detached from the gross body of the waking world and create dream gross body to interact with the dream subjects. This is just an analogy.

There are discussion about the pitRilokas and other lokas and pouranik stories of how Rama could see Dasharatha in the havens, etc. 

How much importance one gives for all these relations compared to the fundamental truth that is unrelated to any since it is one without a second to have any relationships - depends on one's emotional growth. 

All relations of course are within maaya only. But if we know it is really maaya then that is the beginning of evolution.

Just my 2C.

Hari Om!

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How would you accept if the answer given is also Maya?

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> Could you please tell me whether the affection we feel for our mother
> father friends siblings and others is only maya and a creation of our
> vasanas or whether it has a reality that transcends maya. Do we ever
> meet these individuals again after death and become one with them.
> Also, is the atman apart and separate from the world of gross objects
> or does it include these objects and further transcend them. Is there
> anything that the science of physics, chemistry ,maths etc can teach us
> about brahman. I personally find meditation difficult. How can I live
> in world of body mind and intellect and still attain peace.
> Could this group shed light on these matters which must be simple for
> those on this list.
> Vijaya.

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