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Fri Mar 13 20:56:50 CDT 2009

Hari OM~
Shri Ramakrishnan ji and Shri Subramanian ji,

As far as I know Shri Mani Dravid is an ardent follower of the Vivarana
tradition. He is opposed to the Bhamati prasthana. He has written few papers
lamenting the limitations (so-called) of Bhamati. I have spoken to him on
few crucial issues on Bhamati and Vivarana differences. In my view I
strongly subscribe to Vacaspati's views on Mula-avidya-tula-vidya
bifurcation and the avidya-(jiva)asraya theory upon which the internal
differences in Advaita is largely based. Vacaspati's classification on the
two-fold avidya 'anirvAcyAvidyAdvividha' is more logical and convincing and
i insist that it ought to be read with Kalpataru and Abhoga. Further with
regards to the metaphysics, Trvrtkarana is clearly endorsed by the
Sutra-kara with full Sankara-sammati as found in the bhasya. The so-called
Suresvara tradition as promulgated by SSS taking full-rights n patent can
mean nothing to Sastraic scholars. SSS is not a tradition per-se but just an
offshoot of non-Pancapadika movement.

With Narayana Smrti,

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