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> I met Dr. Mani Dravid in person yesterday at Chennai.  I
> find him a person of a good quality learning and humble in
> attitude.... his maternal grandfather is the famous
> Rajarajeshwari Sastry Dravid of Varanasi.......!
> I of course asked him - whether Mulavidya tradition is
> really Bhashya virudha - or it is not so; 
> He told me - the tradition of Panchapadika is not
> incorrect; and in fact even the Holenarsipur tradition is
> also in fact not incorrect totally. 

The first part that the Panchapadika tradition is not incorrect: implying that the Panchapadika tradition is correct.

The second part that the Holenarsipur tradiation is not incorrect *totally*: implying that the Holenarsipur tradition is incorrect *partially*.

In other words, those parts of the Holenarsipur tradition that contradict the Panchapadika are to be cast aside as incorrect, the rest may be accepted.

> They are prakriyas
> within the Bhashya and there is no problem in the Advaita
> tatva.  He said that the panchapadika & other
> explanations are from people who are versed well in other
> shastras as well; and unless one knows Nyaya & Mimasma
> well one cannot appreciate their views.  He said that
> Panchapadika is saying what the bhasya is saying and is not
> opposed to it.  

It is obvious from the above that Dr. Mani Dravid is siding with the Panchapadika and that its doctrine takes precedence over the "newly begun" viewpoint.

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> Venkat.
> Sadgurubhyo Namah.



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