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I do not know what fits within Shankar's advaita and what does not fit.

I am devoted to Vedas and based on my understanding, Vedas advocate:
puruSArtha, puruSArta, puruSArtha, and puruSArtha.

I have to use my capabilities at jnAna, karma, bhakti, yoga jointly to
solve problems. I should keep Ishavara at karma phala dAtA level,
at guru level, I better not make him my servant and expect even
puruSArtha (efforts to solve problems) from him.

In the last 1200 years or so India lost the priciest possession we had:
a well rounded complete approach to puruSArtha. With the grace
of Vedas we are recovering from this loss.

(From 800 AD we have proved incapable to defend ourselves from 
foreign invasions.)

hari om,

Can scholars educate us is the thoughts expressed really fit into Shankar's advaita ?
Could the mentioned thinking of leaving for "Lord" to resolve may have made propelled India in becoming niShakriiya and more reliant of mysticism?
If I am integral part of that 'iishavara" than is it not my responsibility to create ":haevenm on this Earth  and change the perspective of general population?  IMO - That is exactly why Acharya tries to do by encompassing all the five essential deities into "pa~nchaayata puujaa".  That way vaiShaNaa, shaivaa, gaaNapatya, shakti uaasakaa would be together than being apart of the same !?.
I can totally relate to the 20 % probability function expresses in giitaa.
adhishhThaanaM tathaa kartaa karaNa.n cha pR^ithagvidham.h .
vividhaashcha pR^ithakcheshhTaa daiva.n chaivaatra pa~nchamam.h .. 18 -14..
Dr. Yadu


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