[Advaita-l] Tattvaloka: Sankara and Yoga

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 26 17:39:04 CDT 2009

The 2009 issue of Tattvaloka on the occasion of Sankara Jayanthi, the magazine publication of the Sringeri Math, is dedicated to Sankara and Yoga. The Jagadguru Himself has written a few words on Yoga in the Sankaran tradition, and there are also some scholarly articles by others on the same topic.

A few excerpts follow, indicating just how important the practice of Yoga is for the purification of the mind to achieve Vedanta-Jnana:



Jagadguru Speaks...

Adi Sankara a Yogi

"Yoga Darsana is one of the six schools of philosophy, which
prescribes methods and techniques of overcoming the mind. And
everyone knows that one becomes fit to receive enlightenment only
on conquering the mind."


"Practice of the methods of yoga
which are to be given, leads to
destruction of impurity, namely the


"In Gita Bhashya to 11.39, samadhi is one
of the elements of karma yoga,
essential to purify the mind to receive
knowledge; sometimes Sankara
singles out samadhi yoga as the means
to this end (to Gita IV.38)."



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