[Advaita-l] On Sadasadvilakshana-An Ontological gap?

Antharyami sathvatha at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 12:30:40 CDT 2009

Hari OM~

Shri Srikantha ji, Pranam-s,

Am very happy to know that you are reading Khyati Vada – Prof Rao’s
bailiwick. I recommend you his book ‘Perceptual Error’, Published by Hawaii
Univ Press, Honolulu. In this book Prof Rao opines that Mandana unmistakably
defends Viparita khyati of Kumarila Bhatta. In the light of Vibhrama Viveka,
I however, find Mandana expounding a good dose of Anirvacaniya khyati. I
still remember Prof Rao and myself had a long talk over the issue in the
Ahmedabad airport on our way back from the IPC session. During the session
we used to have morning tea, walking together while Prof Rao would talk at
length about Jnanalaksanapratyasatti  and few interesting discussions on
Nyaya terminologies like ‘suktyavachinnacaitanya-adhisthitavidya
rajatarupena rajatakaravrtti rupa and so on as Vacaspati mentions in his
Tatparyatika. Prof Rao, as Vidyasankar ji rightly said, wrestled with the
problem and perspectives of Ontology for more than 2 decades. I had the
opportunity to have Prof Rao to observe my paper which was on “Metaphysics
of Onto-theology” – I specially invited Prof Rao for my session just to have
his views on the version of Ontology I had to share with him from a Hegelian

With Narayana Smrti,


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