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I fully agree with Dr. Bharadwaj's views. Each and every need to be religious (meaning fully focussed and committed to path of Truth) and when individual becomes religious there is no need for any religion at all.  Religion is only to make people religious, its just a 'means' towards the" end" . But unfortunately many get struck with the means forgetting the end itself.  This was the view of not only Ramana, but also great vedantis like Rama tirtha and Vivekananda too.

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<<<<  SriRamana Maharishi`s advice to all westerners was to practice
respective religion.>>>>

Not quite so. I beg ti differ on this aweeping claim .Sir. Sri Ramana
Maharshi rarely advised any religion or irreligiousness.  Definitely not to
'all' Westerners or even 'all' the orientals. His advice always
beyond religion...

Mostly he asked people to find out to whom the religion is.
He said in several places that the role of religion is over once
one is awakened to the spiritual purpose of it. He said there is no harm in
following their religion if one is drawn to it. He asked people no to
identify themselves with any caste, creed, nationality or even their name
nor ti take then too seriously.
He advocated a full identification with the Self which is above and beyond
all these limiting attributes.

Dr. D. Bharadwaj
drdbharadwaj at gmail.com

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> SriRamana Maharishi`s advice to all westerners was to practice their
> respective religion.
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