[Advaita-l] chid-aabhaasa

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 12:50:23 CST 2009


Shri Sadananda,


OK I understand the word inert is meant to be a relative term to indicate something that is lower than us (or our current level of intelligence). When we deliberate a bit it gets resolved. We already have the ammunition to resolve the issue, we just didn't use it so far.


Even going by this explanation, as we often identify with the lowest entity (name as per Ch.U.7 or body in BMI), we being at the level of name or body have no right to term a higher level entity such as intellect as inert. It is like saying my boss is a dud, but I will become a CEO one day. This might very well happen but we have to go through those stages. 


A lower level entity can not help us transcend a higher level entity. A higher level entity normally would not allow any lower level person or entity to unravel it, (a common feature of most religions). In dvaita we get equality from the grace of higher level entity. 


In Advaita at the end we realize lower and higher are illusions, just as guru & shishya.




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