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Wed Feb 25 11:37:49 CST 2009

Dear Shri Chidananda,


You said;

>Yet intellect itself is inert but intellect is required for realization. 


How could intellect be inert? How can anything be inert if consciousness is everywhere?

How can an inert object help us in realization? 


Ch.U. 7 gives a hierarchy of states and intellect (cit) is just one of them. 


As current focus is on cit, if cit is not there it does not necessarily mean anything wrong. 

It simply means cit has merged into a higher entity, the next higher being meditation (dhyana).

When cit merges into dhyana, dhyana will now see the consciousness levels that are equal to or

higher than dhyana, and will be the means for realization at that time. Ch.U model is very elaborate. 


In the BMI model of course, intelligence is the highest, so getting rid of the illusion of intelligence 

is enough for realization. All higher levels if any are included in intelligence for simplicity. 


Even Maya is consciousness of the higher entity as it appears to a lower entity owing to its ignorance. 




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