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Thu Feb 12 23:03:04 CST 2009

As a last note, for Bhaskar, svara-s do not change, per
se, between Rgveda and yajurveda. That is, an udAtta
sound is udAtta in both, an anudAtta sound is anudAtta
in both and a svarita is svarita in both vedas. What varies
is only the style of reciting the svarita in special cases
(with long vowels, or with visarga at the end of a sentence).
These are codified in the respective prAtiSAkhya texts
and maintained with fidelity by recitation experts.

praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

thanks for the clarification...but I've noticed there is not only change in
the style of recitation (like Andra pATha & dravida pATha), there are some
changes in svara-s also in the printed versions of these veda shAkha
maNtra-s  & I have been taught accordingly by my Rig & yajur veda
guruji-s...For example soura sUktaM, durgA sUktaM, varuNa sUktaM, vAstu
maNtra-s, devi sUktaM etc. in Rigveda & YV,  svara-s as well as  texts also
changes......( I have the maNtra pushpaM, sasvara veda & mahAnyAsAdi
maNtrAH & saMhitA, braHmaNa & AraNyaka of both RV & YV  of RK mutt, shiva
paNchAyatana pooja of sringeri shAradA prakAshana, udaka shAnti & taitirIya
saMhitA krama pAtha from vidyA gaNapati shAradA prakAshana and maNtra
manjari which has both sUkta & Ashirvachana maNtra-s of both RV & YV....In
all these texts there are clear differences of svara-s between RV &
YV...And as we know an exclusive  Rig veda shakhAdhyAyi finds it difficult
to chant maNtra-s with YV shAkhAdhyAyi & vice versa this is coz. of
difference in svara-s...When I go to prayOga-s & veda pArAyaNa, I first
find out which shAkha maNtra will be recited there & accordingly I prepare
myself :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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