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Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 13:42:39 CST 2009

Dear Shri Vidyasankarji,
My recent posts were only meant to be illustrative of possibilities for using
the logic of advaita in order to understand literature prior to Sankara's
time. I never intended to deviate from any tradition whatsoever. 
My recent attempts were:
1. Meanings of terms used in veda/vedanta paribhasha (three worlds etc)
are very precise and structly related to exact textual references in which
they were employed, and can not be mix & matched or transported to a
different situation/culture like western science. (No way I can myself
violate this rule by relating YS and CH.U when there were not related)
2. Provide a better defense of purva mimamsa which incidentally had the
side effect of bringing up the subject of devas. But kindly rest assured
that using terms like manas, buddhi and ahamkara is quite as good because
these are also intelligent agents equally qualified as devas. Nothing earth
shaking here. 
3. Apologies for piecemeal sharing of experiences re: concentration
techniques. I just pitched in as every one did with their own experiences.  
4. Pancha-vidha sama is an integrated scheme of pranayama that
compares to auto-pilot. Knowledge of Sama invokes necessary pranayamas
at required time. I submit my analysis re: this. 
5. At high level without going into any details, Y.S. I.6 is a pancha vidha
sama because Pramana is Himkara in that any action starts with Shruti
within the manas. Viparyaya is Prastava because people think they can do
something else (because they think they have a "choice"). Vikalpa is
uthgeetha because people think they came to a decision at that point of
time. Nidra is pratihara because any decision needs to be validated by the
bench mark which is deep sleep. A decision that doesn't resolve into deep
sleep is logically incorrect, so unfit for the next stage which is Smriti. Smriti
is nidhana, because smriti is the interpretation of the original pramana for
the individual atma. Not every idea passes the test of nidra. In other words
YS I.6 is a process that is used to convert Shruti into Smriti. Like a mollusk
works to create pearls, the individual atma works to create the smritis for
its own use (from pramanas). 
6. If numbers 5 & 7 are good and 6 & 8 are bad, it leads to a dualism, unfit
for any consideration. 
Pardon the interruptions, and I have nothing more to say. If anyone still
wants to discuss anything related to what I posted I request it may be
taken offline. 
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