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Dear Ramesh,

That's brilliant ! Thank you for the heads-up..

Such a system of writing and editing should help, both to pin down the
context and system, and also to widen the practical application -- as for
example with the 'Five stages of doubt': relating 'doubt' to Nyaya,
Shankara, and any other interpreter.. That breadth of mind is/was very
apparent in the (not many..) best essays submitted to the 'Encyclopaedia of
Hinduism' -- which hopefully may yet see print..

I hope the admirable John Grimes is asked to participate -- he has that
breadth of reference.


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2009/2/4 Michael Shepherd <michael at shepherd87.fsnet.co.uk>:
> Dear Vidyasankar,
> One thing I learned from my sorry experiences with the 'Encyclopaedia of
> Hinduism' -- Indians have long had a talent for enumeration and
> ! Five of this, sixteen of that...full measured architectural details of
> every temple mentioned..

While Micheal has already gone into some detail on the 'Encyclopaedia
of Hinduism' project, there is also a new effort at producing an
online encyclopedia (hindupedia.com). The external format is somewhat
like wikipedia except that articles can be written/edited only by
people authorized to do so. As of now, a few sincere individuals are
involved but there is ample room for top notch scholars to contribute
and the existing team is actively looking out for high quality

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