[Advaita-l] concentration

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 5 01:34:27 CST 2009


'Concentration' per se is the most inportant requisite in achieving success in any venture-mental, physical, intellectual, devotional and spiritual. So it will be easy once the mind agree to succeed.

Essentially it is all about controlling the mind and keeping it focussed. This is what Arjuna said' VERY VERY DIFFICULT' to which his mentor too agreed but with a string-CAN OVERCOME WITH PRACTISE & DETACHMENT.

PRACTISE is an activity repeated. One will do it only if:

1) forced (like in jobs with bosses/ business with capital involved/ other risk & liability carrying activities)
2) with a strong purpose

First is easy because external forces motivates (in a negative way and hence not sustainable overtime) whereas the second is what requires a definite clarrity on the 'WHY'.

Figure out the 'WHY' and this will help to adopt and practise the suitable and sustainable method of developing concentration.



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