[Advaita-l] Conference on that Date of Adi Sankaracharya in October, 2002

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Dec 30 02:17:53 CST 2009

Vidyasankar mentioned that the Sringeri Math was "arguably the most 
authentic tradition".

Hare Krishna

AFAIK, Sri vidya prabhuji did not drag-in other traditions in saying 
so..nor he made any attempt to 'compare' these three traditions when the 
context of discussion is 'shankara's birth date' & NOT the internal 
disputes of these traditions.  Anyway, this is for the record that 
Holenarsipur adhyAtma prakAsha kAryAlaya (note this kAryAlaya does not 
have suffix such as 'mutt' or 'Ashrama'), where most of the activities 
take place,  does not claim that it has its own tradition!!  It only 
claims that it follows only 'shankara's advaita saMpradAya' and I think 
this 'shankara saMpradAya' is a 'common claim' of all the four mutts & as 
well as kanchi mutt...So in that sense, it is unfair to ascribe a separate 
existence of a saMpradAya & label it as 'Holenarsipur saMpradAya or Mattur 

With regard to shankara's birth date, Sri SSS does not categorically 
conclude anything!!  In his Kannada book 'shankara bhagavatpAda vruttAnta 
sAra sarvasva' he discusses the various birth dates of shankara in various 
biographies ( including sudhanva's inscription)  and finally left this 
controversial  issue 'as it is' without making any concluding remarks & 
fixing the birth date of shankara.  So, IMO, in this discussion on 
shankara's birth date, it is unfair to drag Holenarsipur name in the name 
of saMpradAya & comparison of traditions  is uncalled. 

And finally, with regard to superiority of Shrungeri tradition & 
justifications provided  for the same can be questioned by the other mutts 
like Sri Sunil prabhuji just did!!  So, belittling the other saMpradAya-s 
out of context  is not necessary when praising & upholding one's own 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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