[Advaita-l] Conference on that Date of Adi Sankaracharya in October, 2002

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Dear friends,

The following statement can be contested even by one with respect to the Sringeri math.;

/// 2) Lineage: The unbroken lineage of Gurus can be traced directly to Adi Sankara.///

The Sringeri Math maintained that Adi Sankara was born on the 13th year of the reign of Vikramaditya. At one time the Sringeri math said that Adi Sankara was born in 44 BCE, which is 13 years after the start of the Vikrama samvat in 57 BCE. Then they gave an incredible span of 700 years to Sureshwaracharya. So many questions crop up from this.  These are as follows and all these must be addressed by the Sringeri math to settle the issue.

Was 57 BCE the start of reign of any Vikramaditya?
Did Sureshwaracharya really lived for 700 years or the did the Math not try to fill the gap by calling all the Mathadhipatis till about 656 CE as Sureshwaracharya to tide over these difficulties?
Did Vidyasankara Swami really vanish from the Lambika Yoga posture and  was he really the mathadhipati for more than one hundred years? This is particularly important as Vidyasankara Swami has been claimed to be the mathadhipati by the Kudali Sringeri math also. Further that time coincided with the attack by Malik Kafur. Both the Kudali Sringeri and the Sringeri math have monuments dedicated to Vidyasankara swami It can very well be that Vidyasankara Swami had left his  math and disappeared during the attack and either the Kudali Sringeri or the Sringeri mayth had been established by a splinter group following the disappearance of Vidyasankara Swami. In that turmoil the Sringeri math lost all the past records if at all it had the past records dating back to 44 BCE. 
The Sarada Bhujangam stotra appears to favour the Kudali sringeri math as the original math.
Further why has the Sringeri math not studied the copper inscription of King Sudhanva?:
Vidyasankarji had spoken highly spoken about the Google search engine. I have been unable to trace even the name of the Vikram university professor in the Google search. If that unknown professor from the Vikram university did write a valuable article then why is it that the article cannot be obtained from the scholars of the Sringeri math through email?

I think the Sringeri math should come out with proper replies to quell the doubts of the devotees.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya


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> Simple. As per all reports, Sringeri Matha has no such
> inscription in its possession, nor do they have any tradition
> that such an inscription ever existed.
> There are so many variant traditions 
> pertaining to Sankara bhagavatpAda in the whole country.
> Why should one of the most
> important lineages with arguably the most authentic
> tradition accept anything other than their
> own handed-down tradition?

The last statement is extremely significant. The Sringeri Math is the greatest institution of traditional Dharma in India, if not the world.

Here are the chief reasons why:

1) Purity: The Sringeri Math has maintained moral purity that is truly exceptional, remaining above all scandals of any sort.

2) Lineage: The unbroken lineage of Gurus can be traced directly to Adi Sankara.

3) Historicity: The Sringeri Math is mentioned in indisputably historical sources such as the Madhaviya Sankara Digvijayam.

To even "defend" the Sringeri Math borders on egotism!

It is telling that other Maths such as those at Kanchi and Holenarsipur do not pass the above criteria.


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