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Sivaanandalahari - 58एको वारिजबान्दव: क्षितिनभो व्याप्तम् तमोमण्डलम्
भित्वा लोचनगोचरोऽपि भवति त्वम् कोटिसूर्यप्रभ:
वेद्य: किन्न भवस्यहो घनतरम् कीद्रुग्भवेन्मत्तम,
स्तत्सर्व व्यपनीय मे पशुपते साक्षात प्रसन्नो भव ॥ ५८ ॥

eko vArijabAndava: kShitinabho vyAptam tamomaNDalam
BitvA locanagocaro&pi bhavati tvam koTisUryaprabha:
vedya: kinna bhavasyaho ghanataram kIdrugbhavenmattama,
statsarva vyapanIya me paSupate sAkShAta prasanno bhava || 58 ||

The sun , the friend of the lotus,
Tearing the darkness pervading in sky and earth.
Becomes visible to the eye,
But you having the luster of billions of suns,
Are not known to me.
Alas! the darkness of ignorance,
Surrounding me must be very dense!
Oh , Lord of all beings,
Remove all that darkness,
And become really visible to me.


**hE pasupathE* = Hey! ParamEswara!
*Eka:* = as one;
*vaarijabaandhava:* = soorya bhagavan;
*kshithinabhOvyaaptham* = that which is pervading boomi and aakaasa;
*thamOmandalam* = the area of darkness;
*bhithwaa* = remove;
*lOchanaghOcharOpi* =  the object of the eyes;
*bhavathi* = becomes;
*kOtisooryaprabha:* = equal to the brilliance of a crore sooryas;
*thwam* = you;
*vEdhya:* = capable of being known;
*kim* = why;
*na bhavasi* = do not become;
*ahO* = surpirse!
*mathama:* = the darkness of my agnaanam;
*keedhrugh* = by which;
*bhavEth* = become;
*thath* = therefore;
*sarvam* = all (agnaanam);
*vyapaneeya* = remove;
*mE* = to me;
*saakshaath* = as prathyaksham;
*prasanna:* = become prasannam;
*bhava* = happen.

சித்தமறியாதபடி சித்ததில் நின்றிலகு திவ்ய

Hey! ParamEswara! You are GyaanajyOthi.  Soorya Bhagavan, even though he is
one, he is able to remove the darkness that pervades all of bhoolOka to
aakaasa and yet is available to the reach of the eyes (lOchanaghOcharam).
You on the other hand are equal to a crore sooryas with unequalled
resplendence yet seems incapable of removing the darkness of my moola
agnyaanam and also elude the reach of my eyes.  Why are you in my case being
so out of reach?  I have no idea of the depth and intensity of the darkness
of my agnyaanam.  நெஞ்சக்கனகல் says AruNagirinaathar emphasising its
horrible opaqueness.  In truth vidwaans say that this biggest darkness
called agnyaanam is the maayai.

Hey! ParamEswara!  This maayai called agnyaanam is deceiving the praaNis
from knowing (hiding your shine of) your nijaswaroopam.

Sruthi says "aanandham brahmEthi vyajaanaath'.  What this maayai is doing is
that she is hiding the brahmaanandham which is the nijaswaroopam of the
aathma and prevents it from shining.  In truth sath, chith and aanandham are
the the nijaswaroopam of the aathma.  That vasthu that has no destruction in
all three kaalas is to be knows as 'Sath'.  The consciousness is known as
'chith'.  And the swaswaroopaanandam should be known as sukham.  This lady
Maaya in respect of the praaNIs does not hide the 'sath' amsam and 'chith'
amsam but only hides only the aanandhaamsam.  That is why the praaNis go
through untold sufferings.  Everyone never doubts: 'do I exist?' or 'do I
not exist?'  Everyone has the definite conviction in saying "I exist" and
thus Maayai does not hide the sath swaroopaamsam.  In the same way in
respect of knowledge a person is sure of it when he says "I know" (*I
know*that I know) or "I do not know" (
*I know* that I do not know) and thus Maayai does not hide the chith
swaroopaamsam.  But lo and behold! Everyone invariably, without even having
the doubt whether he is sukhaswaroopi or a dhukkaswaroopi, he has the
conviction that he is dhukkaswaroopi!  Thus it is very very clear that no
one has the swaanubhavam that he is sukhaswaroopi.  From this the definite
conclusion is that the maayai hides only the aathma's aanandhaamsam.
Therefore all the praaNis are endlessly roaming in search of sukham in the
dwaitha prapancha dhukka saagaram created by maayai.  Therefore, hey!
ParamEswara! you are not available to me because I do not have the gnyaanam
that aathmaa is ever aanandhaswaroopi.

Suppose if someone were to object to the complaint and ask: "Why don't you
of your own accord remove the darkness of agnyaanam",  the answer of
bhagavathpaadhaaL was by the insightful exclamation "pasupathE".  That is,
PrabhO! Aren't you pasu-paasa vimOchakan?  Only those who are not aware that
the aathmaswaroopam is aanandhamayam are known as 'pasu'.  I am merely in
the status of pasu only.

thEshaamEvaanukampaartham ahamagnyaanajam thama: |
naasaayaamyaathmabhaavasthO gnyaana dheepEna bhaasvathaa ||

with this resolve, in respect of me you should remove the darkness of my
agnyaanam root and stem and with your gnyaanOpadEsam to me you should do
sabalam of my janma.  Therefore it is for you alone to remove my agnyaanam.
PasupathE! Could You not reveal Yourself to me so the thirst of my eyes are
quenched?  Could you not be prasannan in the lotus of my heart?

Anyone who recites this sloka and do namaskaaram in sivasannidhi will
definitely have the prathyaksha dharisanam of ParamEswara.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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