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Sivaanandalahari - 57नित्यम् स्वोदरपोषनाय सकलानुद्दिश्य वित्ताशया,
व्यर्थम् पर्यटनम् करोमि भवत: सेवाम् न जाने विभो,
मज्जन्मान्तरपुन्यपाकबलतस्त्वम् शर्व सर्वान्तर
स्तिष्टस्येव हि तेन वा पशुपते ते रक्षनीयोऽस्म्यहम्. ५७

nityam svodarapoShanAya sakalAnuddishya vittASayA,
vyartham paryaTanam karomi bhavata: sevAm na jAne vibho,
majjanmAntarapunyapAkabalatastvam Sarva sarvAntara
stiShTasyeva hi tena vA paSupate te rakShanIyo&smyaham. 57

Always For filling my stomach and desirous of becoming rich
Many I have contacted and have traveled without aim,
But knew not service to you, Oh all pervading one.
Oh, Lord of all beings, Oh . Lord who wipes away sin of his devotees,
Because of the good that I did in my previous birth,
Knew I, that you are within all beings,
And so I become fit to be saved by you.

As bhagavatpadAl asks "praNantuM stotuM vA katham-akRtapuNyaH prabhavati "
How is it possible for someone who has not accrued any merits to praise or
prostrate to you?


*nithyam = always;
swOdharapoorNaaya = in order to take care of his stomach;
vitthaasayaa = by the greed for money;
sakalaan =  everyone;
uddhisya = about;
vyartham = waste;
pparyatanam = wandering;
karOmi = I do;
hE vibhO = Hey! Sarvavyaapi;
bhavatha: = of you the poojya;
sEvaam = sevice;
na jaanE = I do not know;
hE pasupathE = Hey! PasupathE!
hE sarva = one who removes the paapa of the bhakthas or one who destroys
during mahaapraLaya all the praaNis from Brahma to amoeba;
hi = for whatever reason;
thwam = you;
majjanmaantharapushyapaakabalatha: = cooked up by my janmaanthara puNyas;
sarvaanthara: = as sarvaanthararoopi;
thishtasyEva = being;
thEna vaa = atleast by that;
thE = to you;
aham =  I;
rakshaNeeeya: = qualified to be protected;
asmi = become.

Hey! ParamEswara! There is no doubt that you are the upaasya devatha i.e.
the God of our meditation.  To such a great Lord I have done no service at
all.  In order to protect my family and to protect myself spurred my the
greed for money, I wasted my time in search of rich people's abode.  Other
than that I have never spent even a fraction of time to place even a bilva
leaf at your lotus feet.  Hey! Sarvavyaapi!  Hey! ParamEswara! I have never
known you as the  poojyan of great mahima.  As long as there was an iota of
strength I have spent it in search of money.  I have done yeoman service to
rich people.  But, Hey! ParamEswara!

"Snaathvaa prathyooshakaalE snapavidhividhow naahrutham gaangathOyam
poojaartham vaa kadhaachidhbahutharaghahanaakhandabilveethalaani |
naaneethaa padhmamaalaa sarasi vikasithaa gandhapushpai sthvadhartham
kshanthavyO mEparaadha: siva siva siva bhO: sri mahaadEva sambho ||
(Sivaaparaadhakshamaapana sthOthram)

I have never brought the Ganga jalam for your abhishEkam, after taking bath
in the morning. I have not gone to the woods to get even one bhilvadhaLam
for your pooja. I have never made a garland of lotus flowers for you nor
have I brought flowers for your archana. For my own health and for the
health of my family I have brought a lot of milk but never once used it to
do abhishEkam to your jyothirlingam. Yet, siva Siva Siva bhO: sri MahaadEva
Sambho! I You are a sakthan capable of removing the paapa of your bhakthas.
I  beg of you to save me!

Besides, Hey! SambhO! I become entitled to be saved by you either because of
my poorva puNya or because you happened to reside as the antharyaami of my
body.  Moreover, Hey! SarvEswara! it does not matter if I have done puNya or
not.  It is your duty to save me because you alone is showering the amrutham
by your kaaruNyam.  If you give up on me who would I surrender to?  You
happen to be the resort for sarvalOkam to surrender, please save, please,
please save me cries AachaaryaaL.

The saaraamsam of this sloka is that there is that no sEva is greater than
SivasEva.  Only by that can one attain MOkshasukham is the siddhaantham.
BhagavatpaadhaaL sang this sloka of Sivaaparaadhakshamaapana sthOthram for
those who wasted their life without SivasEva.  There are 11 slokas in that
sthOthram.  Reading them alone will liberate one from the cycle of birth and

siva siva siva bhO: sri mahaadEva sambho.

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