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Sivaanandalahari - 51 (2)*contd. from 51 (1)*

In accordance with one of Sri NatEsa sahasranaamam
'bringeenaatyapramaanagya:' ParamEswaraaL shows extreme eagerness to satisfy
the desire of saakshaath Bringi Maharshi to witness His thaandavam.  And the
thaathparyam of this dance is for the enabling of the abhedham.  Bhagavan is
an expert in this dance.  Moreover He fought with Gajaasura and did dwamsam
of his garvam and gave to all the worlds abhayam from the marauders.  Also
he shows priyam to Mahavishnu, because according to harivamsa,

maayaa vidhyaa cha harE: prOktha thasyaa: easO yathO bhavaan |
thasmaath maadhavanaamaasi dhavasvaammeethi sabhdhitha: ||

The swamy for the mOkshasaadhana vidhyaa is only Mahaavishnu who should be
known by the name 'Maadhava:'.  So with this Maadhava who remains brilliant
with Brahmavidhya, bhagavaan ParamEswara remains his aapatha snEhithan.  The
opinion of ParamEswara was "I have given upadhEsam of paasupadhaasthram to
Arjuna.  The paramakaashtai, the ultimate objective of this asthram remains
in brahmavidhyaa only.  Even though Arjuna was holding this enormously
important asthra of brahmavidhya in his hand, afflicted by sohamOham he, out
of sheer ignorance, threw it down on the battlefield.  (How sad!) Taking
advantage of this and realizing that Arjuna is now an instrument Maadhava
tom tommed to the whole world on the importance of Brahmavidya.  Is not
Maadhava the greatest prabhu and rakshaka to have given this wealth of
Bhagavath Geetha out to the whole world as his prasaadham?"  Thus
ParamEswara has indescribable priyam to Maadhava.  In order to reiterate
this ParamEswaraaaL in the roopam of bhagavathpaadhaaL with his poorNakala
says while doing the bhaashyam of bhagavath geetha:

samsaarabeejabhoothow sOkamOhow | thayOscha
sarvakarmasanyaasapoorvakaadhaathmagyaanaath naanyathO nivrutthirithi
thadhupadhidhikshu: sarvalOkaanugrahaartham arjunam nimittheekruthya aaha
bhagavaan vaasudhEva:  -- "asOchyaan" ithyaadhi ||

That is why in this slOka it is said "*spuranmaadhavaahlaadha:*"  Moreover
ParamEswara remains outing the sound of the praNava of great mahima wearing
the ash all over his body manifesting his gnyaanajyothi.  And he also
remains udhyukthan (zealous) in his protection of the Devas, bhakthaas and
saadhu janas.  The pramaaNam for this is the Geethaa vaakyam "parithraaNaaya
saadhoonaam vinaasaaya cha dhushkrithaam".

*This great One of mahaamahima, whom I see in front with my fleshy eyes, who
even though sarvavyaapi and the lord of mahaakailaas, resides happily in the
mountain of Srisailam, may he play in the lotus of my heart!*

In this sloka the slEdai describes his as the male bee playing with the
female bee (Brahmaraambika).

Whoever says this sloka and do namaskaaram to a Sivalingam they are bound to
be filled with the limitless play of ecstacy in their hearts.

Aum Namasivaaya.

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