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Sivaanandalahari - 51 (1)
भृंगीच्छा-नटनोत्कट: करिमदग्राही स्पुरन्माधवा-
ह्लादो नादयुतो महासितवपु: पंचेषुणा चादृत: ।
सत्पक्ष-स्सुमनो-वनेषु स पुन: साक्षान्मदीये मनो
राजीवे भ्रमराधिपो विहरतां श्रीशैलवासी विभु: ॥ ५१ ॥

bhRuMgIchChA-naTanotkaTa: karimadagrAhI spuranmAdhavA-
hlAdo nAdayuto mahAsitavapu: paMcheShuNA chAdRuta: |
satpakSha-ssumano-vaneShu sa puna: sAkShAnmadIye mano
rAjIve bhramarAdhipo viharatAM SrISailavAsI vibhu: || 51 ||

This has two meanings , one relating to a male bee and another the Lord

Let the chief male bee play in the lotus of my mind, the bee which loves to
act in a manner to please the female bee, which drinks the oozing rut from
the elephants, bee which is happy during the shining spring season, which
sings with its black body, which was supported by Cupid, which is deeply
interested in the flower gardens, which resides in the beautiful mountain,
and which can fly anywhere.

Let the Lord Shiva who is fond of dancing to the tune of Bringhi Rishi, Lord
who is the spouse of Bhramarambika, Lord who tamed the elephant king
Gajasura, Lord who was pleased with Vishnu in the form of Mohini, who is
associated with holy sound, who is with a very white body, who aimed his
weapons at cupid, and who is very fond of protecting the Devas and who is
residing in the temple of mount Kailas and all pervading Lord Shiva play in
the lotus of my mind.


**bhrungeecchaanatanOthkata: *one who is desirous of dancing to the tune of
Bringi Muni or one that which is out to satisfy the female bee;
*karimadhagraahee* = one who does dwamsam of Gajaasura;
*spuran* = shining;
*maadhavaahlaadha:* = one who is intimate with Mahaavishnu or who likes
vasantha ruthu;
*naadhayutha:* = One who is with the sound of Omkaara or that which has
reenkaara naadham;
*mahaasivavapu:* = one who has the body of pure light or that which has the
black body;
*panchEshuNa* = by manmathaa;
*cha aadhrutha:* = held attentive by or supported by;
*sumanOvanEshu* = in protecting the dEvas or in the garden of sweet flowers;
*sathpaksha:* = who is being partial or having wings;
*puna:* = moreover;
*saakshaath* = one who is in front of or that which is before our eyes;
*sreesailavaasi = *One who lives in Srisailam*;
vibhu:* = sarva vyaapi or that which roams everywhere;
*sa:* = that;
*bhramaraadhipa* = husband of Bhramaraambika or that bee called ParamEswara;
*madheeyathE*= my;
*manOraajeevE* = in the flower of the mind or just in the flower;
*viharathaam* = may he play.


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