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*Sivaanandalahari - 50 (2)

*Parameswara loves to dance in the evening.  Because in the evening the
kshoothradevathaas have enormous powers by which they compel praaNis to do
paapa karma.  In order to do dwamsam of these kshoothra devathaas and the
agnyaana raakshasaas and to protect all the lOkas ParamEswara performs this
evening dance.  This thaandavam is therefore called 'anugraha thaandavam'.
Let us now understand the mahima and the rahasya of this natana.

lOkaanaahooya sarvaan damarukaninadhai: ghOrasamsaaramagnaan
thathwaabheerthi dhayaalu praNathabhayaharam kunchitham savyapaadham |
udhruthyEdham vimukthErayanamithi karaaddharsayan prathyayaartham
bibhraddharhin sabhaayaam kalayathi natanam ya sa paayaath natEsa: ||

Calling sakala praaNis who are immersed (nirmagnar) in samsaarasaagaram by
the sound of his damaru ParamEswara is giving them abhayam.  The main reason
for this is that he is parama dhayaaLu.  Moreover, with a view to giving
enless MOksha to sakala praaNis who have surrendered to Him  he lifts his
left leg and says as follows:

"Hey people! Hey asuras! Hey Devas! Please do listen to me little
patiently.  Do not be wondering that MOksha is anywhere else.  I am calling
you now only to give you MOksha.  The Nithyaanandha mOkshasukham is at the
tip of my left leg.  That which leg which even Mahaavishnu has failed to
find by taking varaahaswaroopam, that leg is there for you now to
attain Nithyaanandha

In order to prove that mOkshaayadhanam is in the tip of the left leg, he is
holding the agni as saakshi in his left hand.  He does this in order to do
anugraha thaandavam in the presence of all the devas and the asuras.  And in
this he is doing dwamsam of kshoothra devathas and agnyaana raakshasas with
his right leg.  To show that ParamEswara is fond of lOkarakshaNam by this
dance is highlited by AachaaryaaL in his saying *

Also ParamEswara remains established in the upanishads that remain as the
peak of the Vedas.  Because of Bramaraambhika's association he is possessed
of adhisoundaryam.  In his association the saadhu janas shine in their
sathwa guNa.  By wearing the snakes as his aabharaNa he is cheering
(aahlaadhanam) the praaNis.  He remains Easa for all the vidhyas and
therefore is being worshipped by Narayana and other devathas. Above all he
is tightly hugged by Brahmaraambhika in her parama prEma.

sarvalingamayeem bhoomi: saravalingamayam jagath |
lingamayaani theerthaani sarvam lingE pradhishtitham ||
yathkinchith dhrusyathE dhrusyam varNyathE smaryathE cha yath |
thathsarvam sivaroopam hi naanyadhastheethi kimchana ||
paathaalE chaapi varthanthE swargE chaapi thathaa bhuvi |
sarvathra poojyathE sambuhu: samdevaasuramaanushai: ||
anugraahya lOkaanaam lingaani cha mahEswara: |


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