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*Sivaanandalahari - 50 (1)

*सन्ध्यारंभ-विजृंभितं श्रुतिशिरस्थानान्त-राधिष्ठितं
सप्रेम-भ्रमराभिराम-मसकृत् सद्वासना-शोभितम् ।
भोगीन्द्राभरणं समस्त-सुमन:-पूज्यं गुणाविष्कृतं
सेवे श्रीगिरि-मल्लिकार्जुन-महालिंगं शिवालिंगितम् ॥ ५० ॥

sandhyAraMbha-vijRuMbhitaM SrutiSirasthAnAnta-rAdhiShThitaM
saprema-bhramarAbhirAma-masakRut sadvAsanA-Sobhitam |
bhogIndrAbharaNaM samasta-sumana:-pUjyaM guNAviShkRutaM
seve SrIgiri-mallikArjuna-mahAliMgaM SivAliMgitam || 50 ||

This sloka has two meanings one pertaining to Jasmine flower and the other
Lord Shiva.

First Jasmine Flower:

I seek the flower of Lord Mallikarjuna Mahalingam at Srigiri, which blossoms
in the evening, worn in the ear and the head, frequented by desirous bees,
the flower always has good fragrance, which decorates the pleasure loving ,
considered the best of all the flowers, which shines due to its beauty and
fragrance and which is embraced by Goddess Parvati.

Now the Lord Shiva:

I pray to Lord Mallikarjuna Mahalingam at Srigiri, who enjoys dancing in the
early evening, established in Upanishads which are at the top of all Vedas,
who is handsome due to association with loving bhramarabhi Ambhika, Lord who
is always surrounded by the devoted saints, Lord, who has best snakes as the
ornaments, worshipped by all Devas, who is popular due to his beneficial
actions and who is embraced by Goddess Parashakti.


**sandhyaarambhavijrumbhitham *= being the one who shines by his dance in
the sandhyaakaala (that which flowers in the sandhyaakaalam);
*sruthisira:sthaanaantharaadhishtitham* = being the one who is established
in the midst of the upanishads that are the heads the Veda (that which is
adorned in the ears and on the head);
*saprEmaprabharaamiraamam* = being the one whose beauty is enlarged because
of his appearance with pramaraambhikai (made beauteous being mated by those
lovely bees);
*asakruthsathvaasanaa sObhitham* = being the one shining in the company of
saadhu janas in their bhaavana to Him (always giving the splendid smell);
*bhOgeendraabharaNam* = being the one who has sarpas as his aabharaNa
(adorning those who enjoy kaama bhOgha);
*samasthasumana: poojyam* = being the one is praised by all the devas (being
praised by all the flowers as their star!);
*guNaavishkritham* = being the who brings about the sathguNa (that which is
famous for its unsurpassed fragrance);
*sivaalingitham* = being the one who is hugged by Paarvathi (that has
*srigirimallikaarjunamahaalingam* = to the one named Mallikaarjunan residing
in Sriparvatham;
*sEvE* = I serve;
*srigiri* = in the beautiful mountain;
*mallikaarjunalingam* = that marudha tree that is shining;
*sEvE *= I prostrate.

Thus bhagavathpaadhaaL by the the previous slOkas sang that one should by
all means reach mahaakailaasaadhipathi Sri ParamEswara.   He sang that
attaining by bhakthi the paadhaaravindham of Him is the only Raaja yoga.  In
this slOka AachaaryaaL sings in endless prema and by the swelling of
sivanandham in his hrudhayaakaasam does abhishEkam of Mallikaarjuna

sandheeyathE anyaa ayam jeeva:

*In this one should understand that Sandhya as the devathaa that takes the
jeeva to Parabhramham to be merged as one without any difference.*
*Also the sabhdam 'sandhyai' is to be assimilated in the mind as meaning
that one's aathmaswaroopam is non-different as in 'sivOham'.*


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