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Hari Om, Shakthi ji,

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> If I am saying that I am brahman, you also say the same. But how many will
> say like this?

Here's an analogy which you may have come across: water in the ocean could
be seen as made up of water droplets. Each droplet seen separately is still
water. How many such droplets are water? Well, you'd say all, won't you?

> And more over does this universe contains only Brahmans?

We are all human, adding up everyone will still be human, not humans. Wrong
example, but I hope it drives the point.

> Is Brahman a living entity or non-living?
> If it is living entity, then he/she/it may realize at some point of time
> what is the truth?

A sentient being realizes something with the tools at one's disposal. These
are mind, intellect, etc, superimposed on one's own being. That is, all of
these tools superimposed on brahman would aid one to separate out real from
the unreal. Being satyam-jnAnam-anantam, sat-chitta-Ananda, brahman has
nothing to do with these tools and is ever realised. Time is a concept
superimposed on brahman again!

> But according to ur statement, there is no world apart from you.

There is no person separate from you either in the pAramArthika sense, but
in vyavahAra, until the dawn of knowledge, the world appears separate from
you just as multiple jivAs do.

> So how those non-living entities  realise the truth, as they are also
> Brahman.
IMHO, we're jumping guns. The whole approach of random questions add to
confusion. Unless you've already done so, I suggest that you go stepwise
through one of the traditional teachings or series of articles that have
come up on this mailing list or website. Else, I'm afraid the Atman, ego,
mind, intellect, vyavahAra versus pAramarthika views and other such things
may get mixed up. Of course, its just my opinion and you're a better judge
of your own methodology.

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