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Professor of Physics in Government College, Kollam district,Kerala
State,India.Interested in oriental sciences and adwaita vedanta.Studied
sanskrit in sAmpradAic way.Translated three titles into malayalam,my mother
toung,on life and works of Sringeri Acharyas.published three titles on the
life of Siddha purushAs not so popular outside kerala.


Namaste every one
I may be new to this group but not to advaitha.Goudapada karikalu are well
known to any Adi Sankaras disciples.

thank you

Maneesh Vyas

Dear Friend, born in Jaipur in 1971, I now live and work in Moscow in a CRO.
looking for suggestions and advice on discovering oneself with advaita -
vedanta dogmas.

Rajeev Kumar

Greetings !!!

I am Rajeev Kumar of age 36 yrs, married and with a child of 4 Yrs. Working
as a senior manager in an IT company and happy with my life in general.

I need to understand the basic concept of Adavaita. I am quite confused
after reading some of the article on Wikipedia.

Some of my basic thoughts which I will like to get addressed are

1. What actually Sankaracharaya meant by Gagat Mithya and Maya ?
2. Is there a God as per Advaita. Looking at the Wikipedia I am confused what
     Sankarachara view points were

3. Born in a Hindu family I am Hindu. But, should I worship all the Gods as
    being practiced in modern Hinduism ? Is there some thoughts from Advaita for
    home dwellers? As a family man what should be my conduct/religious

    I certainly have more questions, but I guess this should be a good starting
    point and depending upon the responses I will receive I will post my further

    Will be very appreciative of any guidance provided on my above questions.



Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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