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Namaste Yaduji,
Since the second half of the 20th century we have been having the antibiotics. But please think of the earlier situations. Through millennia the Ayurvedic medicines were being used for saving life and some of them did contain toxic elements and I would put the use of the toxic elements in medicine in those days as necessary evil  and that is why they do deserve respect and not wholesale condemnation. Yes, we can say that these toxic medicines are gradually being redundant and are being replaced these days . 
Secondly the mercury compounds such as methyl mercury are more toxic than the elemental mercury and I am sure you are aware of that. In the olden days the elemental mercury was used and that shows that the ancient intelligentsia was somewhat aware of the toxic effects of mercury. In fact the mercury induced Minamata disease is a tweitieth century problem. 
Similarly the lead problem is also a problem of the twentieth century. Lead was extensively used in leaded gasolene and also in the flexible plumbing connections. Luckily both are gradually coming to disuse.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Namaste Sunil-Ji:
I have had extensive discussing the Satish on the issue of mercury on another list. but he is follower of tantra and wishes to follow it that is his choice.
I am aware of Ayurvedic use of mercury but no one from has established the toxicity either.  There are over 2000 research paper on the toxicity of mercury that includes most of the known compounds.  At least one thing has come out for sure is the incidence of autism link with Mercury and that is why FDA is re-evaluating the us of mercury based compounds in the vaccination.
As per California Prop-65 exposure for mercury in any form should not exceed 0.3 mcg per day.  Ramdev Baba's formulations were not allowed to be sold in US because of heavy metal contents.  
Under occupational Health and Safety act, the pyujaaarii's can sue their employers for havening been exposed to heavy metals.  Mercury from Shiva Ling and Lead from Ganesha & Hanuman.  As you may know the red pigment is Lead Oxide.  I do not think the pujari's know that this can be a serious health issue?  But if tradition is given more importance than health that they need to pay a price for that as well.
Prop-65 for lead is maximum exposure of 0.5 mcg per day.  In California all public places that have heavy metals need to display a sing that warns the public for potential hazards.  One such that I found on the John Wayne Airport is attached for your information.
Dr. Yadu



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