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Earlier mail will go to spam for many people.. as I blindly replied without editing the mail. 
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>When Mohd.. Gajhani attacked Somanath temple Brahmins recited "Mahaarudra" and >requested Shiva to open his "third" eye.  
Do you have a reference for this? Like perhaps a chronicle or maybe some later day write up on this event?  Or is this your imagination? You talk as if you were there in the temple during the invasion.
Nowhere through out the history of India did vaidika-s or tAntrika-s are known to display the kind of mentality you mention. Rites of ward off calamities were performed, but in all the historical cases that I am aware of, where such rites were performed, they are followed(or in parallel) up by military(or other required) action.
Why do you frequently indulge in this brAhmaNa bashing on various forums? I will bluntly say that it is a very ugly habit.
Against many odds the brAhmaNa-s did what they could and preserved what they can...one can be either thankful or just keep mum.
When resources are not available to understand..simply learning to recite is enough.. ofcourse understanding(which is equally imp) would be an added advantage.


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