[Advaita-l] praNava

Naresh Cuntoor nareshpc at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 16:57:00 CDT 2009

> I should have mentioned this point in my earlier posts.
> Your observation that praNava has sound N and
> not n is correct. I am no expert on Sanskrit grammar.
> However, being a part of this email list has enabled
> me to pick up some grammar rules. One such rule
> changes a "n" to "N" when preceded by "r" sound.
> So praNava  = pra + nava is a valid break up.
> Can someone explain this rule in more details?

In pra + nava the na changes to Na (Na as in karNa). The basic rule is that
this change is effected when there is a "ra" or "Sha" (as in ShaShThI)
sound. But there are several corollaries to this. Way out of the scope of
the list. Interested readers may refer "Natva-Nijantam" published by
Samskrita Bharati.

Secondly I think we need to be a little careful in trying to derive words
because it sounds like something. After all "pronoun" sounds like praNava :)


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